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Easy Multilingual Websites Using Google Translate

Embedding a Google Translate widget on your site makes it accessible in more than sixty of the world's languages. If you don't have the time or resources to translate all of your content manually, the Google Translate widget is a simple solution that makes your website available to more people.


Although the Google Translate widget doesn't offer a perfect translation of your content, it's still a great way to help your site reach a larger audience.


Keep reading to learn how to add the Google Translate widget to your Jimdo website.




How to Add the Google Translate Widget to Your Site

It only takes a few simple steps to add Google Translate to your website:


  1. Visit Google's Translation Manager and sign in to your Google account (If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for a free Google account).
  2. Click Add to your website now on the right-hand side.
  3. Follow the instructions on the next few pages to customize your translator.
  4. You'll then receive two code snippets: Add the meta tag to the Head section of your site by clicking Settings > Edit Head and pasting the meta tag code. Add the widget code to the page where you want your translator to show up by adding a Widget / HTML element and pasting the widget code.


If you want the Google Translate widget to show up on every page of your site, add it to your site's Sidebar.


For more detailed instructions, check out our tutorial: How to Embed Google Translate on Your Site.


We've got lots of other tutorials in the Tutorials section of our Support Center.


Julia O. Test

Julia O. Test

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Julia Test (her real, not shortened last name) began helping Jimdo users with their website questions and issues in April 2012, but she's not new to the web world: previously, Julia worked at a company developing and supporting websites for CPAs. She is originally from Russia, but now bikes to work every day in Jimdo's San Francisco office. Julia is a photographer, fine-dining enthusiast, and yogi.