How to Create a Slogan for Your Business That Sticks

How to Create a Slogan for Your Business that Sticks

Great sitcom characters have catchphrases, great companies have slogans. It’s a short phrase that tells you everything you need to know. A good slogan is catchy, memorable, and sums up exactly what your company is all about.

Here’s how to write a good slogan or tagline for your small business.

Slogan definition:

A slogan or tagline is a short line of text that summarizes the essence of a company.

Why are they useful?

A slogan helps customers recognize your company and tells them what to expect from you. If it sticks in their mind, your business will too.

Lots of companies use a slogan or tagline alongside their logo and brand name, to influence how the public sees them. This encourages customers to associate the company with the promise or emotion conveyed by their slogan.

Coming up with a slogan

You really don’t need a fancy advertising agency to get a great slogan. The best thing to do is sit down and write as many ideas as possible. But you don’t have to start from scratch!

Just answer a few questions about your business and our generator will create a series of slogans to match your brand.

Want to make your company unforgettable? Combine your new slogan with a memorable logo.

Design a logo that makes your business stand out.

Do you need a slogan for a small business?

Yes, definitely! When you run your own business, a catchy tagline can help you shape people’s first impressions of your brand. If you use your slogan consistently, customers will start to connect it with your company name, making your business more recognizable.

How to create a winning slogan

To start, write a long list of options. Good, bad, hideously ugly—get them all on the page! Inspiration can hide in the most unlikely places.

Here are the 7 features of effective slogans:

  1. Keep it short. Use 4 to 6 words.
  2. Show personality. Address what makes your company unique.
  3. Make it sticky. Will people remember it after a few days?
  4. Make a promise. Build trust by keeping your promise.
  5. Use positive phrasing. Tell people what you offer, not what you don’t.
  6. Use language as a hook. Rhyme or alliteration can make taglines catchier.
  7. Be confident. A good slogan highlights your ambitions as a company.

Then create a shortlist of favorite slogans you want to test further.

What makes a bad slogan?

There are lots of articles online about the worst slogans out there. They make for entertaining reading! Don’t let these mistakes mess-up your slogan:

  • Forcing rhymes. Rhyming slogans are easy to remember. But the rhyme should emphasize your core message. Forced rhymes just look clumsy.
  • Overpromising. Big promises show ambition. But blatant overpromising will harm your company’s reputation and put customers off.
  • Being too vague. Wishy-washy slogans sound dull and uninspired. Choose expressive words and make a statement about your company.
  • Being offensive. Many candidates on the “worst slogans” list are sexist or racist by today’s standards. It’s a surefire way to turn public opinion against your company.

Is a controversial tagline a good idea?

There’s always been a debate about controversy in marketing. Yes, a controversial slogan will get people talking about your company, but is likely to split opinion causing you to lose customers. Only use a controversial slogan if you’re willing to stand by it 100%.

How to test your slogan before you use it

  • Say it out loud
  • Google your slogan to check if it’s already in use or registered by another company
  • Ask for feedback from people who don’t know your company
  • Ask people to think of ways your slogan might be offensive
  • Ask a friend to recite your slogan after a few days. Can they remember it?
  • Ask existing customers if the slogan feels like a natural fit for your company

Always make time to test your slogan. Once you start using one, it’s difficult to change.

Where to use your slogan

Use your slogan or tagline wherever your customers might see it. Like:

Bring your business online with Jimdo.

Common questions about slogans

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a short, catchy sentence that expresses the core of your business. Good slogans are easy to read and often use wordplay to make them memorable.

What are good slogans?

Good slogans match style with content. The content expresses in a few words what customers can expect from your business. The style makes a slogan catchy, for example, using rhyming or alliteration. This combination helps customers remember your brand promise.

Why use a slogan?

A slogan is short and punchy enough to make an impression on people who have very little time or attention. It expresses what you stand for and what you have to offer. This helps you stand out and attract customers.

How do you come up with a slogan?

Start by writing down what your brand stands for: what values, services, or products can customers expect? What makes your business unique? Then cross out unnecessary words until you are left with the core of your brand. If you find this challenging, you can use our slogan generator to get you going.

Where do you use your slogan?

A slogan works anywhere you might need to present your business in a few words. Use it in your advertising, packaging, on your website, and in your email signature. In other words, use it wherever potential customers can read it. 

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