5 Wedding Photography Websites You’ll Fall in Love With

Examples of the Best Wedding Photography Websites

On every wedding planning checklist, there’ll always be a wedding photographer right at the top. And of course, every couple wants their photographer to be the perfect professional and personal choice for the day!

So it’s more important than ever for wedding photographers to present their own skills and authentic style on their own website. In this post, we’ll show you five examples of the best wedding photography websites that are guaranteed to convince you to tie the knot.

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1. A homepage with a “wow” effect

When you land on Maylin’s homepage, you’re instantly drawn into a moment between two newlyweds—showing exactly what this talented photographer can do! The intimacy of the moment is emphasized not just by the couple’s gaze, but by Maylin’s use of light and color. Your eye is then drawn down to her beautiful logo. We love the way she’s given her “About me” section a personal touch by naming it, simply, “Maylin.” A creative idea that encourages potential clients to get to know the photographer who’ll share their special day.

An example of a homepage of a wedding photographer

2. Impressive albums

Not only does Alina have 12 years experience in wedding photography, she also offers her clients more than just photographs. Her wedding photos are actually “reportages” that weave together atmosphere, nature, and emotions to tell a story—with plenty of room for the couple’s personality to shine through.

An example from wedding photographer Alina Atzler's website

Here’s a great wedding photography website idea: when you look in Alina’s portfolio, you’ll find an entire series of pictures from individual weddings and photoshoots. This not only showcases the quality of her work but gives you a sense of the way her images tell a story. Alina links to extra subpages in her footer so that curious visitors can keep exploring. A beautiful website from start to finish!

3. Bright colors and a clear structure

Mirjam Wilde welcomes visitors with a bright, friendly, and well-structured website. In the header, she gives you a taste of her portfolio in a slider, with more wedding photos waiting on site’s subpages. She’s made the effort to answer any questions potential clients might have, with a clear info page and FAQ. And, of course, her “About Me” section is as beautiful as it is personal. A well-designed website with great pictures!

An example of a wedding photography website made with Jimdo

4. An “About page” with character

Davide and Camille work together to capture their clients’ unmissable moments. And as you’ll see on their website, they do a fantastic job! They’ve incorporated lots of different wedding styles by separating their wedding photography portfolio into albums. An elegant choice that helps them target a broader audience. From the retro wedding in Sicily to the “Urban Nature” wedding in Hamburg, visitors can browse through galleries of celebrations in various settings, and get a picture of Camille and Davide’s ability and creativity.

An example from Davide x Camille wedding photographer website

Davide and Camille’s About Us page is short, sweet, and full of character. The creative couple pay tribute to one another with a short quote each, a link to their individual websites, and a brief description of their shared passion for photography. There’s nothing to take away from their story and their chemistry. And it works like a charm!

5. An impressive photo gallery

Mary and Dean’s portfolio proves just how diverse wedding photography can be. From classic wedding photos and natural backgrounds to quirky close-ups, the two show their entire repertoire on their website—including intensely colorful images to black and white shots. On their homepage, they’ve used a full-width image with a color overlay to draw your eye down to their logo and call-to-action button. A striking design that makes an impact!

An example of a Jimdo wedding photography website

Tips on how to create the perfect wedding photography website

  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you. Visitors should be able to contact you from any part of your website.
  • Think about social media. As a photographer, you probably have an awesome Facebook or Instagram profile already. Link to these on your website so you can build your network.
  • Look through your customer’s eyes. Can visitors find their way around your site quickly? Is it easy to contact you? Are your subpages clearly named? Try to look at your site from your visitors’ perspective or ask a friend to test your site and see what they think.
  • Add an FAQ page. As a photographer, you’ve done this a thousand times before. But what actually happens at a photo shoot? What can customers expect? Giving your visitors this information helps them feel confident about working with you and lets them in on the excitement! Here are tips to writing a great FAQ page for your website.
  • Impress on your homepage. You have fantastic photographs. Choose the best of the best pictures for your homepage and make your first impression count. Can’t choose just one? Showcase your very best images in a Slideshow. Here’s more on how to optimize the images on your website.

Fallen head over heels with our wedding photography website ideas? You can build your own in minutes with our tips to create a photography website your clients will love!

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