How to Use Discount Strategies to Boost Sales

Discount strategies for online stores

We all love a bargain and your customers are no different. That’s why discount codes and strikethrough prices are so effective when you want to get new visitors buying or encourage existing customers to order again. But when it comes to slashing prices, how can you offer tantalizing discounts without hurting your bottom line?

In this guide, we share ideas for when and how to use discounts to generate the most revenue from your online store.

Discounts, sales, and offers: what are my options?

The discount options or offers you use will depend on the visitors you’re trying to attract, the positioning in your industry, and your business goals. If your business is at the high-end of the market, for example, then a customer loyalty scheme with regular offers could work well for you. Or, you can offer more regular discounts and monthly sales. Your business could also combine a mixture of the two.

Experiment to find out what works best for your brand and remember to choose a goal for every campaign or offer, then measure the results.

Here’s a rundown of the different types of discounts and offers you can choose from:

1. Discount codes

What better way to spread holiday cheer than by treating your customers to a discount code? Christmas is an expensive time of year and people are on the lookout for a deal, so discount codes are a great way to help your local business to compete with larger stores and encourage new customers to buy your products. You can create a customized discount for any occasion, e.g “BlackFriday” or “WinterSale.” Just choose an expiry date for your code and/or set a minimum spend amount.

To create a discount in your Jimdo store go to Store > Overview > Discounts.

You can track how many customers redeemed it to see if your campaign was a success.

If you have a Jimdo Creator website, go to Menu > Store > Discount Codes > Create a new discount code. Learn more about how to use discounts in your Creator store.

How to create a discount code in your Jimdo online store.

2. Percentage discounts

Need to make room for new collections or want to clear old stock that has an expiry date (like food or makeup)? Encourage customers to scoop them up by knocking a percentage off the full price, like 10% or 50% off.

If you’re worried about extra stock expiring, you can now plan your discounts ahead of time. Just create a discount and set active dates for your offer and they’ll start automatically.

When your customers need some extra motivation, you can limit the number of times a discount can be used. This helps to create a sense of urgency and lets customers know that if they don’t act fast, they could miss out on your offer.

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3. Strikethrough prices

Strikethrough or cross-out prices help to give your sale prices “curb appeal” by showing customers exactly how much they’re saving. The strikethrough price shows the original price of a product with a line through it, next to the new sale price, so that customers can compare the two.

In the interest of transparency, we suggest giving a reason why you’re adding a strikethrough price in your product description. For example, “All knitwear now 50% to make way for our Spring Collection!”

Show a sale price in your Jimdo online store.

How and when to use strikethrough prices or discounts

There are lots of ways you can use discounts or special offers to drive sales, get leads or build customer loyalty.

1. Attract new customers with seasonal sales

Win new customers with a Black Friday deal, clear leftover stock in the January Sales, or draw holiday shoppers with your own Summer Extravaganza. Themed discount codes will help you keep things fresh and customers buying throughout the year.

2. Promote your product at an event

Get attendees talking about your brand and encourage them to try your products with an exclusive discount. That way, you’ll create a buzz on the day, get some sales, and stick in people’s minds long after the event is over.

3. Advertise via industry influencers

Want to make the most of your collaboration with an influencer? Win business from their followers by sharing a voucher code that’s just for them, so you can turn that exposure into sales.

4. Encourage large orders

Give customers an incentive to spend a little more with a discount that only applies when they spend a certain amount. This is a great way to increase your average order value and boost revenue.

5. Reward loyal customers

It makes sense to keep the customers you have and encourage them to purchase more. Try offering money off their next order or an exclusive discount code to say “Thank you” during the festive season.

6. Create a buzz around a new product

When you launch something new or branch out into a new kind of product, it can take a while to get it off the ground. But the thing about a great deal is: it’s hard to keep it to yourself! Entice customers with an introductory offer on your pricing page and they’ll soon tell their friends that they bagged a bargain.

7. Get subscriptions to your mailing list

Offer visitors a reward for joining your list and you could be looking at an influx of potential future customers.

Now you’re all set to prepare your store for sale-season! Here are more ways to get your store ready for the holidays!

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