How do you usually look at your website? From a laptop? A mobile phone? Or do you switch back-and-forth between the two? Now your website will look absolutely amazing on every device you use, because all of Jimdo’s templates are now responsive!

If you’ve ever spent time trying to navigate a website on a tiny screen, squinting and accidentally hitting the wrong buttons, then this update is for you…We’ve been rolling out responsive templates for a while now, but today we’re happy to share that every single Jimdo template is responsive, from Amsterdam to Zurich. Read on to see what this means for your own website—we think you’ll really like the change.

What does “responsive” mean? It means that your website will respond to the type of device your website visitors are using, and automatically adjust the resolution, image size, menus, and more so they make sense on different screen sizes. Your website will look perfect for every user, whether they’re sitting at a desk or using a touchscreen on the go.
responsive Templates Jimdo

Note: Only new templates, like those named after a city, like ‘Miami,’ are responsive. How can you tell if you have an older template? Older templates are not named after a city, but are made up of letters and numbers like F4242. If you want a responsive template, we encourage you to update your template!

What does “responsive” mean for your website?

  • Your website will automatically adapt to different screen sizes — no squished buttons, hard-to-read menus, or cutoff images.
  • Your website’s style settings (colors, fonts, backgrounds) will be consistent across all devices, which gives your users a better experience.
  • You’ll get a boost to your SEO, and Google’s search bots will have an easier time crawling your mobile-friendly website.
  • Information in your sidebar and footer will show up clearly on mobile devices
  • Your online store checkout will be streamlined for mobile users
  • If you’re a JimdoBusiness customer, the new responsive template will replace your older Mobile Express Page.

How do you make the switch to responsive?

Some of you may have noticed that the responsive templates have been rolling out for a while now, and many of you have already made the switch to responsive templates. For everyone else, you’ll see a prompt when you log in, asking you to upgrade.

If you don’t see this prompt, it means you’re using a newer template that’s already responsive, so no need to change anything—nice!

responsive template jimdo

Click the button and the template menu will open at the top of your screen. In the right-hand corner, you can click on the different screen sizes to preview how your website will look on the different devices.

Jimdo responsive Templates

Note: By pressing Save, you’ll accept the responsive update and your website will be ready to roll. If you’d rather not make the switch to responsive, you can click Undo and stay with your old template. But we really recommend making the change — your website visitors will thank you for it, and the updated templates will support many of our new features.

With this responsive update, now your website can look its best in a multiscreen world. If you have any questions about the changes and what to expect, our Support Team is standing by and ready to help. Enjoy!