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Local market stall goes virtual: Can traditional selling styles survive in the online world?

Markthändlerin Sandra und ihr traditioneller Marktstand für Strumpfwaren.

„Talking to customers makes me happy. It’s one of the most important parts of our daily business – and what makes buying from us special!“.

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Shopping at local farmer’s markets is both a responsible and hip thing to do. More and more consumers appreciate regional products, the opportunity to support small businesses, and honest advice in personal conversations. This is exactly what market trader Sandra offers to her customers. Her family has been selling socks and hosiery on markets in and around Munich for nearly 100 years. With the beginning of Corona, this quickly came to an end. What happened next?

Sandra has gone online with her business Socken Pindl. And she has taken her values and her joy of selling with her into the digital world.

Shopping for socks online? When, if not now!

With the help of her two sons, Sandra moved her entire hosiery assortment online in less than a week. The typical chat at the market stall, the personal advice, the joy of selling – as the owner of the family business those are the aspects Sandra cares about the most.

So without question, these traditions had to be transferred to the digital retail world. „Talking to customers makes me happy. It’s one of the most important parts in our daily business – and what makes buying from us special!“.

Sandra wants to continue this exchange and openness to individual customer wishes through her online store as far as possible. A bold and creative approach that seems to be paying off: Socks Pindl received more than 80 orders in its first week being online. 

Virtual market-stall chatter 

Sandra has come up with her very own way to break through the anonymity of the Internet. By providing detailed descriptions and insights on her website. And genuine personal advice. If you’re still unsure about what to get or what product is right for you – you can simply call Sandra on her cell phone or send her an email and ask for her personal opinion. 

Socken Pindl is not about shopping for the most socks for the least money. It’s about finding the perfect product. And in the end, that’s what sets apart Socks Pindl from the anonymous (online) department stores.

You can learn more about Socks Pindl’s values and products on their website and Instagram.

Katharina Mühe
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