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Jimdo Stories: The Music of Ben Ahn

When ‘ukulele player Ben Ahn moved from his small island in Hawaii to San Francisco last year, he knew he needed a way to break into the music scene. Ben’s music stretches the boundaries of what you might expect from a ‘ukulele (see some of his music, here), and he wanted a way for people to find him and get to know his work. Ben took a break from his performance schedule to talk with the Jimdo team about his music and his Jimdo website, and to star in our very own video!


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Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

I think the inspiration to play the 'ukulele and to write songs and to perform is that same attraction I had when I was 6 years old and playing the piano for the first time: here’s this sound, and it’s coming out of me. That’s a pretty exciting feeling. I think business aside, and ambition aside, and attention on stage aside, at very root of it is an enjoyment in making sounds that don’t exist unless I make them.


You recently moved from Hawaii to San Francisco. Tell us something about the Hawaiian spirit.

In the Islands we call it the “Aloha Spirit.” To sum it up, it’s: be nice to people, be happy with where you are and share that happiness with others. It’s a real honor to share that with other people here in the Bay Area. I was welcomed with a lot of “Aloha” from the community here. It’s been nothing but smiles and happiness since I moved here last year.


When did you decide you needed a website?

When I moved to San Francisco, I knew I was going to be the new musician on the block, and that no one knows me in the city like they do in Kaua’i, so I wanted to make my website a lot better than it was. The first attempt was really bad. I had used a different website provider, and on the very front page, it had a picture of someone that wasn’t me...they had a white guy playing a different instrument. And the title said “Ben Ahn Website,” but that was definitely not Ben Ahn, and there was no way that I could change it.


So I found Jimdo and ultimately was able to customize everything the way I wanted it to be. And I got a lot of compliments from the community here saying “How’d you make your website, do you know how to code?” And I said, “No, but thankfully Jimdo does.”


What features do you like most?

In a nutshell, I feel like I have complete control over the design and functionality of my website, whereas before I was limited to what kind of code can I figure out. Now it’s completely code-free on my end. I can just drag things and type things, select things, and it’s done.


As a musician, what does your website do for you?

Having a website enables potential clients to find me when they look me up, and also see some video and picture references, see some client references that I have, and ultimately get in contact with me to set up a show. It’s excellent as far as that goes. It’s a nice thing to come home at night, check my inbox and see “New message via your Jimdo site.”

Thank you, Ben, for sharing your story with us! For more on Ben and his upcoming shows, check out his website For more information about websites for musicians, check out our blog post on Band Website Design.


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Ben Ahn Music


Ben Ahn Music


Ben Ahn Music


Ben Ahn Music