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Dashboard statistics

Dashboard Statistics—Your New Success Tool

The ultimate success tool for your website—your revamped Dashboard! Now your most important numbers are available at a glance straight from your Dashboard. Check your website performance and get concrete tips on what to improve....
Favicon Jimdo

Win the Attention Battle with Your Branded Favicon!

A much-requested feature—favicons are here! Favicon isn’t short for “favorite icon” for nothing. It not only gets your website noticed in a sea of competitor tabs but also reassures visitors “you’ve come to the right place!”...
Jimdo secret features

10 Secret Dolphin Features You Might Have Missed

If you're already using Jimdo, we hope you're starting to feel like a pro. You're choosing fonts, adding columns, and maybe even using some third-party widgets to make your website even snazzier. But there might be some features that even you, Jimdo master, have overlooked so far. Here are five Jimdo features that you might not know about—but that you’re sure to love once you try them out....