5 Websites with Video Headers that Make an Amazing First Impression

According to research from Buffer, companies that use video on their websites get 27% more clicks and 35% more conversions. And that’s because visual content has the power to grab our attention. Immediately. There’s just something about movement on a screen that catches the eye. If you’ve ever been to a bar when there’s a sports game playing on the big screen, you’ll know that video draws attention!

Now you can make this work on your website. Over the last few years, visual content for websites has moved on from still images to videos and GIFs. They’re popular because your website visitors notice moving images from the moment they land on a page. From the moment visitors see your video header, they get curious about what your site has to offer.

What better way to show you why video works so well than with five awesome examples from our Jimdo users. Want to use a video header on your own website? Scroll down for steps on how to get started.


1. Mesmerizing slow-motion from Jellylab

How does this video header shape your first impression?  This slow-mo video creates suspense from the outset. You know what’s going to happen. And you just have to wait for it. When it does, the slow-motion effect means you get to see every detail. Many visitors will only quickly scan your pages. This video header keeps them interested long enough to make them slow down and take a proper look.


2. Following the guide with Edgar Fuchs

How does this video header shape your first impression?  The video on this website draws you in with a playful fox. You’re instantly captivated by his journey but he isn’t connected to the company’s product, just yet. But that little fox that drew us in becomes our guide. He jumps right into the showroom where the owner is busy selling kitchens, and he finally finds his way into the company logo. What started as a simple play on words (the word ‘Fuchs’ means ‘fox’ in German) became a tour of his business and a positive way to remember the company.


3. Varied highlight reel by Aerocircus

How does this video header shape your first impression?  As video production specialists, I’m sure Aerocircus had plenty of material to choose from. So it makes sense that they went with a compilation video for the header on their website, showcasing the variety of work they do. As a website visitor, you’re welcomed with high-quality video content from the start and quickly understand that this company can make any type of video, including the one you have in mind.


4. A sneak preview from Falling Man

How does this video header shape your first impression?  Falling Man is a live stage event which addresses the high suicide rate among young men in the UK. When you visit the Falling Man website, you’re drawn in with a video preview of the show. Using a mix of close-up and full-length shots of the dancer, combined with quick editing, the video draws your eye in—offering the perfect taster of a live performance. If you’re intrigued by the video, your decision to book tickets for the next show has already been made.


5. Behind the scenes at Lichtbild Studio

How does this video header shape your first impression?  Lichtbild uses video to give new visitors a glimpse into their world. You see the photographers at work, engaging with clients on photoshoots and setting up their shots. As a new customer, you might not be used to posing for photographs and there’s nothing that holds us back more than our fear of the unknown! Lichtbild’s video gives you a real feel of what it’s like to have a photoshoot with them. Thanks to the mix of relaxed and smiling photographers, and technical shots, their video looks professional and assures potential customers that posing for their photographs is going to be fun!


How to use a video header on your own website

You can use video backgrounds in several kinds of blocks on your website. Just pick one that fits your design and make it the first block on the page.

To add a video to your block, start by uploading your video to a platform like YouTube or Vimeo. Next, click on the block and select Choose video then copy and paste the link to your video here. You can also use animated GIFs in your header image to create movement without using a full-length video. And who doesn’t love a well-chosen GIF, right?


What will you show?

Each page on your website has its own purpose. Whether that’s to show off your products or convert shoppers on your pricing page. Choosing the right content for your video will help you reach that goal. Some examples:

  • On your homepage: use footage of your product or your team
    Your homepage is there to give visitors a general feel for your company. Depending on your marketing strategy, and whether you offer a product or a service, you can use a homepage video to introduce your team or your product to new visitors.
  • On your product pages: explain how your product works or show happy customers
    A product video demonstrates your product’s features and convinces visitors to buy it. Your video can focus on the product itself or testimonials from happy customers.
  • On your about page: introduce your team or location
    Your about page is there for visitors who want to find out more about your company. You can make a really strong first impression with a video of your team at work or help visitors feel at ease with a virtual tour of your place.

Video headers might not suit every page on your site. For example, if you want visitors to process a lot of information, like on your pricing page, a simple header will likely work best because video can be distracting.

Background videos are there to make a visual statement, so they will automatically play without sound. If you want your video to include sound, add it to an Image Block and visitors can hit play to start the video with sound, when they’re ready.


When in doubt, go slow

Videos are captivating—we just can’t help but gaze at moving pictures. Now your visitors are paying attention, this is your moment! So don’t be afraid to take your time.

  • Fast movement demands attention quickly. It shows energy and enthusiasm.
  • Slow movement is more subtle. It can help convey calm and a feeling of balance.

As a general rule of thumb, when in doubt, use slower moving videos. Why? Because you’ve seen your video a thousand times, perhaps you even filmed or edited it yourself—so it’s easy to process everything you see. Your visitors, on the other hand, are watching your clip for the first time and will need longer to take it all in.


How do you want visitors to react?

Before you add a video, ask yourself: what do I want to achieve? Different blocks will encourage different actions from your visitors.

  • “I want people to watch the full video.” Pick a Cover Block that shows your video in fullscreen mode. Then use the Show elements menu to hide the text and buttons, so visitors only see your video header.

Screenshot Jimdo Website building

  • “I want people to watch some of the video, then scroll to something else.” Use an Image Block or Cover Block that shows your video alongside other content.

Screenshot Jimdo Website building

  • “I want people to notice the video, but focus on something else.” Use a Cover Block and select the Show elements menu to choose which content will appear over your video—like text and buttons.

Screenshot Jimdo Website building

Video is just a part of the big picture

Videos are naturally captivating. You can use video headers to grab attention, communicate value, and connect with your visitors on an emotional level. They’re particularly useful for showing customers how your products work, look, and feel. Most importantly, they get visitors ready to process more detailed information. So remember to follow up your video content with the facts your visitors need to convert—like product descriptions or information about your services.

Already using video on your site? Is it working for you? Let us know in the comments!

Frank van Oosterhout
Frank takes on the most diverse tasks within Jimdo. After working in SEO, he started helping our Dutch customers and now looks at ways to improve Jimdo’s global knowledge base. When he is not in the office, you can find him on a rugby pitch or at home making ice cream.