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Why create a website for your vacation rental?

Cottages, villas, beach houses, or holiday getaways: no matter what kind of holiday rental you offer, a vacation rental website is the best way to get more bookings.

Example of an apartment rental website An example of a website for a beach rental Example of a holiday rental website that you can make yourself How to rent your apartment with a website House rental website example
  • Show guests when your property is available with an easy-to-update calendar.
  • Display large, high-quality photos of your rental property that show every detail.
  • Communicate directly with guests and accept bookings right through your website.
  • You’re in control of how your rental property is described and displayed.

Types of website

Impressive websites for every property

Studios, pied-à-terres, condos, and more: whether your holiday apartment is in the center of the city or tucked in a secluded getaway, a vacation rental website displays all of its unique features. Show potential renters how they can use your apartment rental as a launching point for their next unforgettable trip with details of nearby restaurants and experiences too.

Apartment vacation rental

Show off your beach property in the best possible light, with full size photographs and clean, modern designs. Your beach rental website can inspire guests to take the leap and book their trip right away, and you can take bookings right through your own vacation rental website.

Beach house rental

Many more people are realizing that they can rent out their own homes to travelers both near and far. Market your home online for family getaways, reunions, work retreats, or for neighbors who have relatives visiting from out of town. No matter what kind of home you have, a vacation home website is the best way to show it off.

Vacation home rental

Vacation rental website design with everything you need:

Free stock images for vacation rentals

Free stock images

Beautiful Photographs

Upload your home rental property photos and watch them appear right on your website in seconds. Connect your social media accounts to import those photos, or use our library of free vacation stock images too!

Online bookings for holiday rental


Boost your online bookings!

Describe your property and take control of your own bookings right on your website. Add a link to your favorite booking tool to make holiday rental management easy.

SEO for holiday rental


Stand out from the competition

With Jimdo’s SEO Assistant, we take care of the important SEO tasks for you, so that your listing appears in search engine results and you can attract more guests. We automate the hard stuff and provide tips to make your vacation rental website a success.

Map of vacation rental

Google Maps

Show visitors where you are

Provide accurate, detailed, and up-to-date information about your holiday rental to make sure you’re matched with the best guests for your property. You’re in control of what appears on your vacation rental website, including easy Google Maps, contact information, and more.

Your home, online

How to Create a Vacation Rental Website

  1. Sign up or log in with social media

    It’s easy to set up your Jimdo account with Facebook, Google, or your email address.

  2. What kind of vacation rental website do you want to create?

    Want to promote your apartment, beach cottage, vacation home, or another kind of peer-to-peer holiday rental? We’ll help customize your website as we go!

  3. Choose a name for your holiday rental website

    Think of a name people would use to find your rental online. It might be your business name, your property name, or something with your location in it.

  4. Connect your social media profiles

    At last, all your photos in one place! Just fill in your social info and we’ll pull in all your favorite vacation rental photographs so you can use them on your website.

  5. Customize your style

    Pick a style and colors to match your rental property, , and we’ll combine them to create the look you want. The website design is done for you!

  6. Publish your website

    Now you’re ready to make your new vacation rental website live, and start taking bookings!

Registration screen with an email address filled in followed by Google and Facebook buttons below. Business website and personal website buttons. Where to write the name of your Jimdo website. Button to connect your Jimdo website to Instagram. List of six design styles you can choose for your Jimdo website. The Publish button on a Jimdo website.


  • Why do I need a website for my vacation rental?

    Putting your own vacation house up for rent is becoming even more popular these days. But with lots of competition, it’s important to find a way to make your rental stand out. A vacation rental website is the best way to put your vacation home online. With your own website, you’re in control of your listing and all the details, without any middleman.

  • What should I put on my vacation rental website homepage?

    You’ll want to start with all the details a potential guest might want to know: location, property details like the number of rooms and any amenities, and any special features. This is also a good place to put a map, your contact information, and your calendar. And don’t forget to include some large, high-quality photographs of your vacation home. With Jimdo, it’s easy to put all these pieces together, without any coding or web design knowledge.

  • Can my holiday rental get booked directly on my site?

    Yes! You can connect your website straight to your Shore online booking account and take bookings from guests right through your website with no hassle.

  • How will my property get discovered by people?

    With all the competition out there for home sharing and vacation rentals, it’s important to optimize your website so that it shows up in search engine results like Google. Jimdo makes that step easy, by taking care of a lot of the SEO housekeeping tasks for you and offering helpful tips to get your website in front of the right audience.

  • Will my vacation rental website look great on mobile?

    Yes! Your website will always adjust to look perfect, no matter what device your potential guests are using. Jimdo websites are optimized for every kind of mobile device. This means a guest could find your listing while they’re traveling, and easily contact your to book your property.

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