Solveig sells wine as an experience

Reiseplanerin Solveig auf einem Weinberg

Wine is in. Many online wine retailers are recording high growth rates – not least thanks to the global pandemic. Solveig also sells wine. But as an experience. 

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Solveig is a travel planner and agent with heart and soul from Rhineland-Palatinate. She offers „real“ regional experiences. With her company Weingutscout, she organizes unique wine tours around Germany. In her search for the perfect experience, no effort is too great – which sometimes leads to her touring across the country herself. 

Each wine region has its own grape varieties, winemaking traditions and landscape.

Passion + passion = business idea

First, there was the desire for self-employment. The right business idea quickly followed. By starting Weingutscout, Solveig combined her two passions: the desire to travel and the appreciation of good wine. 

„I have always enjoyed organizing trips for my family and friends.“ With the step into self-employment, she no longer knows the participants personally, but she continues to organize her trips with just as much attention to detail. Solveig’s motto is “to only offer trips that she would take herself”. 

Personal touch is key

Solveig knows Germany’s fascinating wine regions like the back of her hand. She is always on the lookout for something original, something special. In order to find that she works primarily with family-run hotels that reflect the heart and soul of a region: „I don’t want my clients to stay in some hotel franchise and just be a number!“ 

The perfect gift for all wine lovers: an adventurous trip to one of the most beautiful wine regions in Germany.

Once a suitable accommodation is found, many large tour operators see their duty as done. For Solveig however, that’s when her work really starts. To make sure she can offer her guests the best quality, she visits all the selected locations herself. She wants to get her own impression on site and get to know the hosts. To do this she roams through vineyards, explores hiking trails and talks to the winemakers in person. If the chemistry is not right, no collaboration will follow. Because Solveig knows: If she has a good feeling, then the same will be true for her customers!

It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive research process that’s not only fun, but also pays off in the end: „My customers have learned to appreciate my commitment, so that in the end they’re always happy to return to Weingutscout.“ Behind every wine trip there is passion, heart and soul, and a dedicated trip planner who wants the absolute best for her clients. You can feel that.

By the way: Solveig also sells „wine“ online. In her store you can buy her trips as a voucher – the perfect gift for all wine lovers and hobby sommeliers.

Katharina Mühe
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