„What I always missed in the restaurant business was the direct contact with the guests!“

Lorenz steht in der Küche von seiner Event-Location HofKitchen in München

Lorenz loves cooking. For him there is hardly anything better than putting a smile on his guests‘ faces by serving them delicious food. In fact, it was direct interaction with his patrons that Lorenz enjoyed the most. However, as a restaurant chef, he could usually only catch a glimpse of this joy through the swinging door of the kitchen. That’s why he decided to become self-employed in 2017 and open his own event location, offering cooking classes

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The more the merrier

Lorenz wanted to share his passion for cooking with others from the very beginning. „You stand in the kitchen for hours to prepare the perfect dish, you put your heart and soul into it, carefully arrange it on a warm plate – then the service brings it out and you don’t get any of the reaction.“ That’s how Lorenz came up with the idea for HofKitchen: various cooking classes with a Bavarian-American flair in a country setting. 

While chopping ingredients and cooking together, the chef reveals his very personal kitchen secrets. It is especially important to him that each participant cooks along with him and gains new experiences. Lorenz answers all his students‘ questions and personally shows everyone how best to hold a knife: „HofKitchen is not just a restaurant. I want my guests to feel like they are at home in their own kitchen!“. 

Lorenz in Action in seiner Küche
Lorenz in action. You can see how much he enjoys his profession!

Why seek far afield, when the good is so close by?

A lovingly converted and expanded horse stable in the middle of a large farm community near Munich, surrounded by a huge green garden, meadows, fields, forest and even a small chapel. The original and nature-loving location represents HofKitchen’s philosophy: Cooking is done exclusively with fresh, seasonal organic ingredients from the region. That’s why Lorenz only works with suppliers he knows personally. 

„People love food but they often have no connection to it.“ Lorenz wants to change that. He seeks conversation with his guests and tells them the stories behind the ingredients, for example, little personal anecdotes from the cheese farmer in the neighboring village from whom he gets his fresh cheese. 

Already hungry? Find out more about Lorenz‘ cooking classes in his online store!

Come as guests and leave as friends

Once the cooking class is over, Lorenz is just getting started with one of the most beautiful aspects of his project. He wants his guests to leave as friends and get comfortable recreating these recipes at home.”Getting that Whatsapp message from my clients a few weeks later where they proudly share photos of a dish we learned to make together in the class … That’s the greatest feeling!”

Fancy taking part in a cooking class yourself? You can find dates and information on HofKitchen’s website. He also offers online classes, in case you’re not anywhere near Bavaria. For more insights and inspiration, check out Lorenz‘ Instagram!

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