High 5 - Celebrating 5 Years of Jimdo, 5 Days Long!

Jimdo celebrates its 5th birthday

Get ready: Jimdo is turning five years old this week! Even though our actual birthday was yesterday, the party will really get rolling today. We have a lot to share and some things to give away, too. Just read our blog every day this week to find out more.


We’re not going to tell you exactly what we have in store -– after all, it is a birthday and there should be some surprises. But we are giving away a few presents and sharing a bit about how Jimdo has grown over the past five years. Besides, the Jimdo founders Matthias, Christian and Fridtjof will be talking about their own personal highlights and a few employees who have been here since day one will tell their stories, too.

Now that we’re five years old, it only makes sense to admit to ourselves that Jimdo is not really a start-up anymore -- but that doesn't mean we're too old to nosh on some birthday cake. That's how we kicked off our birthday week in fact: with Jimdo birthday muffins. At headquarters in Hamburg, we ordered them from a cool Jimdo site, Munich-based Muffin Manufaktur. In the US office, we picked up and devoured some tasty treats from San Francico's worker-owned co-op bakery Aizmendi.


We’d love to share some of them with you, but we ate them all up! They were simply too tasty to resist. But stay tuned the rest of the week, there's lots going on in our blog. It's great to have you help us celebrate.


There just wasn't enough room for all the candles.
There just wasn't enough room for all the candles.

So let's get started with the first present of the week: Jimdo swag! We're giving away five sets of Jimdo accessories: bags, magnets, mugs and more: to people who comment on this blog post. Comments will stay open until Friday morning, when we're giving away another great birthday present (hint, hint!).


Three cheers for Jimdo users from the five-year-old birthday boy!


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    Igor (Monday, 20 February 2012 18:14)

    Hi guys! Happy anniversary!Happy Birthday! You're the best team!

  • #2

    sweetitalianvacation (Monday, 20 February 2012 18:14)

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Definitely something to celebrate!!! Have a blast!

  • #3

    Alex Moises (Monday, 20 February 2012 18:42)

    Enjoy the week, have fun and keep running. Happy anniversary!

  • #4

    Nadeem Zurba - Visual Artist (Monday, 20 February 2012 18:57)

    Congratulations Jimdo team! wish you best of luck....amazing job!

  • #5

    ferniekidstri (Monday, 20 February 2012 19:17)

    Thanks for the fine, fine platform that made our website so simple to set up? It's your birthday, but I feel like I have got the gift! Keep up the good work!

  • #6

    Franklin Ntoruru (Monday, 20 February 2012 19:27)

    Congrats Jimdo. Enjoy your week

  • #7

    Jacob Perez (Monday, 20 February 2012 20:09)

    Wow 5 years that's so cool yeaaaaa!!!! Jimdo!!!!!!!! congrats.

  • #8

    Pages Award (Monday, 20 February 2012 20:40)

    five great years. Jimdo is the best <3

  • #9

    icanfeelyourheartbeat (Monday, 20 February 2012 20:41)

    jimdo is THE BEST ♥♥♥
    wow!5 years??? very cool ;)

    yummy, MUFFINS!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • #10

    Happy Coffee (Monday, 20 February 2012 20:49)

    Happy Birthday!!! Rock on...

  • #11

    Beth Vanfossen (Monday, 20 February 2012 21:05)

    Your efforts have paid off! A wonder site and service.

  • #12

    integrityautomotiveinprinceton (Monday, 20 February 2012)

    Congratulations! We'll be watching for 5 more years, then 15, 20… you get the picture.

  • #13

    Steve Dries (Monday, 20 February 2012 21:47)

    Happy Birthday Jimdo

  • #14

    vespa-tour-bali (Monday, 20 February 2012 21:54)

    Ja - dann feiert mal schön!! Wir feiern Euch!!

  • #15

    karenkruseseascapes (Monday, 20 February 2012 21:56)

    Enhorabuena from Spain! and happy birthday JIMDO!

  • #16

    metronsupportservices (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 01:11)

    Happy Birthday to an awesome support team. So much better with you! Enjoy the celebration...and more cake if you have it!

  • #17

    thermalmedics (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 01:43)

    You guys have done an awesome job, Happy Birthday!! Thanks for making this such a great site. Cheers!!!

  • #18

    linko-sling (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 02:07)

    Onneksi olkoon!

  • #19

    breath-fresher (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 02:27)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • #20

    baddaddy (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 03:09)

    Congratulation~~~~ My Jimdo(Free)site is also 5 years now. Good Luck! 축하합니다!

  • #21

    smtw (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 03:41)

    i love this

  • #22

    Borough of Fanwood, NJ (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 04:20)

    I was here almost from the beginning, too. On my 8th site now and it keeps getting better all the time.

  • #23

    expertz (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 06:16)

    Happy Birthday Jimdo lets celebrate :)

  • #24

    Vena Williams (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 06:32)

    Happy Birthday, Jimdo! We love you!

  • #25

    ruthartgallery (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 06:33)

    great....jimdo....happy anniversary......lets love...l.Benjamin,

  • #26

    Achim Velte (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 07:46)

    Happy Birthday...

  • #27

    Farm Maid Soap LLC (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 08:25)

    Happy Birthday! We are new users - but what is selling us is how EASY everything is to work with! Thanks so much & keep up the good work. :o)

  • #28

    Gurdeep Singh (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 08:54)

    Congrats Team Jimdo, God bless you.

  • #29

    Apfelattack (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 10:28)


  • #30

    FeltiKa (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 10:31)

    Happy Birthday team! You look so happy at the picture! Wishing you next 5 and more years of such big smiles and great job!

  • #31

    Reidar Jensen (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 11:21)

    Happy Birthday! I am enjoying the experience, never thought that I could create and maintain my site without being or engaging a web designer. My core competence is my normal job and my music career, but you made it easy for me! Great product and tools, customer friendly and professiolal service. All I miss is the possibility to uploaed mp 3 files. Keep going and enjoy the party, well deserved, Cheers

  • #32

    darioscapittadesign (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 11:51)

    Happy Birthday you all guys! Enjoy it! ;)

  • #33

    bunchkinsenglishplayroom (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 12:05)

    Happy Birthday♪┌iiiii┐♪ Jimdo is so easy & fun to use, thank you ☆彡

  • #34

    Tom Allen (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 13:55)

    Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to be part of the celebration, it's been a great year for me. I hope you have many more, Thank You!

  • #35

    Amanda Haines (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 14:02)

    Happy Birthday Jimdo!

  • #36

    mailedge (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 16:23)

    Congrats Jimdo! We LOVE Jimdo here in the USA / we have a Business Account as well as a Pro Account ... we spent day's researching and testing other provides in this space with their systems and Jimdo kept coming out a WIN!

    Support has been great here in the USA so congrats to the San Fran team. We hope to see more marketing in the USA and spread the word about Jimdo!

    We would love to see some swag our way so let us know if our blog post win's!

    OK now go eat some cup cakes and cookies ;)


  • #37

    Skirmante Petrauskiene (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 18:20)

    Su gimimo diena! Happy Birthday you all! Thanks :)

  • #38

    Anthony (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 18:26)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • #39

    kreactief (Tuesday, 21 February 2012 19:58)

    Hi Jimdo team,Happy 5th Birthday and thank you from KREActief Antwerp :-)

  • #40

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  • #41

    Michael Anzalone (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 00:18)

    Hello, Please delete my information from your system, since it is being hosted with another provider.

    Thank you

  • #42

    Daniel J Ellers (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 01:14)

    Congratulations Jimdo, Happy birthday.

  • #43

    Todd Renaud (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 01:45)

    Hey Team, Congratulations on 5 years and make the next 5 even grander.

  • #44

    Amy Sloan (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 01:50)

    Happy Anniversary!

  • #45

    coolmant (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 05:50)

    Congratulations to all the Team.. You deserve the best.. please keep going..

  • #46

    Miks (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:14)

    Congratulations Jimdo, Happy birthday........

  • #47

    web designing in chennai (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:21)

    jimdo congrats, Many more happy returns of the day....:

  • #48

    Gawain Graves (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:23)

    Happy Birthday Jimdo x 5

  • #49

    fazeconsulting (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 08:50)

    i'm new to Jimdo and i'm still working out for my site! my future with my site is in your hand:-) happy birthday to you all and let's celebrate! :-)

  • #50

    Lucas Millheim (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 10:44)

    Hi Reidar, thanks for the praise - but you CAN upload mp3 files with Jimdo: either as a File download element if you just want visitors to be able to download them, or using a music hosting service like Soundcloud for your own music ( Just add the 'embed code' to a HTML/Widget element. Check out my website (click on my name here) to see how it works.

  • #51

    Lucas Millheim (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 10:46)

    Hi Michael A., if you have a site with it and want to change/delete something or have a general question, I'd suggest you check out our Help section (just click on Help on the top navigation). If you need to talk to our Support team, please go here:

  • #52

    onedayillbeadesigner (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 11:52)

    Have a great B-day! and a well-deserved party too ;)

  • #53

    Alexander (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 14:43)

    5 лет это не возраст!Это только начало, растите и мы будем расти с вами!
    С днём Рождения Jimbo! Мы и дальше будем вместе! Вы просто супер!!!

  • #54

    Mark (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 15:35)

    Happy Birthday Gang, A well deserved celebration with your fans, may there be many, many more.

  • #55

    John McAllister (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 19:00)

    Jimdo has been helpful for me as an individual. My goal is to learn to maximize your resources. Best of luck.

  • #56

    tattoo-ba (Wednesday, 22 February 2012 21:50)

    Happy Birthday Jimdo!

  • #57

    Taya Wood (Thursday, 23 February 2012 01:56)

    Happy birthday everyone! Great product, great service, great team. Here's to five more :)

  • #58

    micheleofarrell (Thursday, 23 February 2012 06:14)

    You people are awesome!
    I found this site easy for me to use.
    Since I only started using computers four years ago.
    From slate pencil to digital in 50 years is a giant leap.

  • #59

    Сергей Сергеевич Вартанов (Thursday, 23 February 2012 16:22)

    Congratulations on the birth of Jimdo!
    I wish prosperity to your site and your staff.
    Jimdo thanks for good site!
    I look forward to further development of your website.

  • #60

    Barbara BEVILLAS (Thursday, 23 February 2012 19:53)

    .......... 5 years!
    .......... Jimdo is the best PAGE FOR THE PEOPLE !
    .......... Super HELPFUL and GREAT IDEAS !
    .......... You Deserve MORE AND MORE YEARS full of success !
    .......... and If you go to BALI ! (you have villa for FREE! )

  • #61

    samuel jeolent (Thursday, 23 February 2012 21:24)

    you guy as done a great job ; HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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    shardabcom (Friday, 24 February 2012 08:53)


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    Natural Geo-Team (Friday, 24 February 2012 15:30)