A Visit from Mr. Kanban Himself

Jimdo co-founder Fridtjof Detzner, David J. Anderson, and Michi Lehr
Jimdo co-founder Fridtjof Detzner, David J. Anderson, and Michi Lehr

We’ve previously talked about how we use Kanban to make our work processes more transparent and structured. Kanban facilitates efficiency in product development and planning, while fostering a fun work environment. It's really become an integral part how we work together at Jimdo.


We were all a little bit nervous when Mr. Kanban himself, David J. Anderson, accepted our spontaneous invitation to stop by our office in Hamburg. Seven years ago, Anderson began adapting the Kanban system from automobile manufacturing to software development. We have been using the Kanban system at Jimdo for nearly two years now.


As part of his Bachelor’s thesis, Michi Lehr from Jimdo's development team took on the task of upgrading our Kanban system using QR codes and digital cameras. This video shows what's new and how "JimKanBan" now works:

To summarize: 

  • Each Kanban card (each task), is printed on a special printer, using a printer application developed by our trainee Robin. Every card has its own unique QR code and is pinned by its owner to the appropriate Kanban board.
  • At regular intervals, digital cameras record the Kanban boards of the various teams.
    (Our data security specialist Z ensures compliance with privacy guidelines.)
  • Special WiFi SD cards inside the cameras send the recorded images to a server for processing. Using the position of the tickets and a digital comparison (through the QR code) with our ticket system, we can generate a virtual representation of all our Kanban boards on the web.


The best thing about the system
Our colleagues at all of Jimdo's offices can get a better idea about what we are currently working on and the status of each ticket. David Anderson was very enthusiastic and excited about Michi’s work. Pretty awesome!


On this occasion, Michi would like to acknowledge and express his thanks to his thesis adviser Professor Dominikus Herzberg, who supervised and supported this project!



Powen Shiah

U.S. Country Manager

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