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8.5 Insider Tips on How to Get Hired by a Startup

Are you looking for a job in the startup world? After a recent round of hiring for my team at Jimdo, I decided to share some of the most important tips I learned on what startups look for in new hires.


Get hired by a startup
For example, learning in advance about the company's product, culture, and competitors can give you a huge advantage against other applicants. Being a team player with varied skill sets also helps put you above the rest.
"Startups are looking for talented, versatile people and that affects the hiring process. In a small office, everyone participates in many kinds of projects -- all hands on deck is an everyday practice. So not only will a startup be looking for someone with a varied skillset, but also someone who can be a team player."


Julia O. Test

Julia O. Test

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Julia Test (her real, not shortened last name) began helping Jimdo users with their website questions and issues in April 2012, but she's not new to the web world: previously, Julia worked at a company developing and supporting websites for CPAs. She is originally from Russia, but now bikes to work every day in Jimdo's San Francisco office. Julia is a photographer, fine-dining enthusiast, and yogi.