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Highlights from 5 Years of Jimdo

Five years have passed - but it doesn't feel like five years.


Jimdo's 3 founders


1. Jimdo is featured in ComputerBild

Almost from Day One, Jimdo got off to an auspicious start: On February 20, 2007, ComputerBild magazine (think PC Magazine in North America) profiled us! On the same day, over 300 users signed up for Jimdo. It was huge! We decided then and there that it should stay this way. We wanted to give away free websites to at least 300 new users every day.


The next few months proved to us that it wasn't all a downhill ride. But Jimdo did grow: Divided over the 1,830 days since we started Jimdo, the number of sites has grown by an average of 2,800 every day. Over 5 million JimdoPages have been created since then.


2. Jimdependence Day

Some partnerships work out well (like the three of us), some don’t: that’s just how it is. And our partnership with 1&1, for which we had held such high hopes, definitely did not work out for us.


The day when the separation became official October 26, 2009 became Jimdependence Day for us. Since then we've been able to put all our energy into doing what drives us, namely making Jimdo even better. No more building software for other people, no energy wasted on inter-corporate politics. And finally, no more project management for anyone else.


Who is the strongest?


3. Jimdo becomes profitable

More paying users means higher revenues and eventually profitability, and hitting that mark was a true highlight, too. Even though start-ups are always in the red at first, it was a real milestone for us when Jimdo moved into the black for the first time. Other entrepreneurs may see it differently, but for us, it is very important - and means we have a great deal of independence. We're proud to have brought Jimdo as far as we have so far with only €500,000 outside capital.


4. Our company culture

This is the highlight that happens every day. We already blogged about Kanban, tunnel-building, and hiring Sam to cook for us. What we haven’t said directly is how much more Jimdo culture means to all of us: each team member believes in Jimdo 100% and enjoys the freedom to organize his or her work in the best way possible (both self organization and responsibility). One great side effect of giving team members the freedom to do things their way is that everyone works very hard – and has a lot of fun, too. It’s an incredible feeling: coming in to work and seeing 100 team members working together to make Jimdo great.


5. Christmas and other celebrations

Basically this is an offshoot of #4, company culture. There's nothing better than heading out for one last beer with most of the team after the annual Christmas party - at 5am on a (Friday) morning. And there's the annual company retreats (lovingly called "class trips" by the team), often to the tiny island of Neuwerk in the North Sea (we all WALK there) or this year to a castle in Lutter.


5 years of Jimdo - and no end in sight. In some ways it feels like we just got started. There are a lot of challenges and opportunities ahead of us, so we'll just keep on going. Together with the best team in the world.


Matthias Henze

Matthias Henze

Co-founder at Jimdo


Matthias studied at the University of Kiel and the University of Gothenburg and then went into business with Fridtjof and Christian to start Jimdo. Matthias takes care of Jimdo's marketing. In his free time, you can find him hang gliding.