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Yesterday was the best day we've had since Jimdo first began in 2007.


Thousands of people downloaded Jimdo for iOS, and as a result we are being featured in the App Store in thirty-three countries worldwide. After devoting 2013 to releasing an app—countless hours of planning, developing, and marketing—we are so glad to be celebrating a launch that was way more successful that we could have anticipated. We're so glad that our existing users have a powerful new tool at their disposal and that so many people are learning about Jimdo for the first time through our iOS app.


In the United States, we have nineteen five-star ratings—worldwide we have more than a hundred. Dozens of you have written glowing reviews of Jimdo, and we pored over each of them excitedly. Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite responses from our users and from the press.




 Jimdo's iOS app in the news

We got a lot of coverage in the press yesterday. Here are a couple of quotes that stuck out for us.


The app couldn't be much easier to use; you swipe right to add pages and manage navigation, left to add page elements like headers, photos, and text... Of course, just because you're building a site on your mobile device doesn't mean you're building a mobile site. You are, but with one tap of a toggle button you can see how the site will look on both desktop and mobile platforms.—Rick Broida,
In my brief testing, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to create a Jimdo site. Upon first launching the app, you simply need a Jimdo account and choose a website theme, a process that took me less than two minutes... Naturally, there’s no coding necessary: You simply choose the site template you want to use, drag and drop design elements, and input some text.—Devindra


Feedback from Jimdo users

Most important to us is what you think of the app. We were glad to hear that many of you think it will improve the way you work on your website.


As a small business owner, I find Jimdo’s app great for making quick changes while I am traveling. Being able to keep fresh content on my website is extremely important to me, and this app allows me to manage my site and business without having to rely on a desktop.—


I LOVE THE APP! Uploading on the go will allow me to keep fresh content on my website wherever I am. The app is organized, and bonus features like the statistics button help me monitor information. The Jimdo app revolutionizes the way websites can be maintained. Not only do I love it, but my clients will love it too!—Katie, Imperial Valley SBDC