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Get New Facebook Fans and Grow Your Online Community

At the end of 2012, I signed up for a JimdoPro account and started a travel blog. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The blog started out as a hobby, but in the past few months it has turned into my full-time job. The work that I put into my blog has made it my primary income stream, which allows me to keep traveling the world.


Without Facebook, none of my success would have been possible.


In this post, I want to show you how I grew my Facebook community to more than 5,000 fans in less than a year. With the support of these fans, I was able to turn a profit with my blog. I hope that my experiences will be able to help lots of people—not just travel bloggers—grow their projects.


Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket


Write with passion

This is a pretty obvious tip, but it's the most important place to start. If you want to get readers and fans, you need to be producing content that is interesting and exciting.
Write about something that...


  • You're passionate about. People share positive posts written by people who love their subject.
  • You're an expert on. People love to read content written by someone who has deep knowledge of a topic.
  • Is helpful. The posts that teach people something are the ones they like to share most.
  • Is funny. Make people laugh and they will love you!


Remind your readers to like you on Facebook

If you don't already have a Facebook Like Box on your website, you need to add one right away. It's easy! Add Faces to your Like Box as well to give it a personal look. Make sure to put the Like Box in the sidebar so it shows up on all of your pages.


In addition to the Facebook Like Box, I encourage my readers to follow me on Facebook at the end of every blog post: "Did you like this post? Please follow me on Facebook for more updates..."


Share the link to your Facebook page everywhere

If you want to gain fans, then the link to your Facebook page needs to be everywhere. I mean really everywhere.
Here are some places you can add the link:


  • In your email signature.
  • On your personal Facebook profile. Also make sure to invite all of your friends to your page!
  • On Twitter. Add your link to your profile description, or inlcude it in some tweets. (If you haven't tried Twitter yet, you should. Even my grandmother is on Twitter.)
  • To your newsletter.
  • On any other social media networks you use: LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.


Ask big Facebook pages to share your posts

The first blog post I wrote was called 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines. At that time, I barely had any fans and could count my readers on one hand.


I needed someone to promote me. After I published the post, I looked for Facebook pages that were related to my post. You can do the same! Ask yourself: Who would share my post? Who has a fan base that would benefit from it?


10 reasons to travel to the Philippines


With keywords related to my article I found some interesting pages on Facebook with thousands of followers. I sent them an email, asking them in a polite way if they might be interested in sharing my link. I told them why it would be interesting for their readership. If you do this, make sure to like the page you're contacting!


More than half of the pages I approached replied to me in a positive way. They liked my post and promised to share it. Some of these pages were huge—one had more than 1 million fans. After they shared my post on Facebook, I gained hundreds of new Facebook fans overnight.


The post itself went viral, eventually getting more than 11,000 Facebook Likes.


Post different kinds of content


It's important to share more than just links to your blog posts on your Facebook page. Now and then, share a photo and include links in the text. Photos appear more often in people's news streams and can grab attention. You can get a lot more clicks, likes, comments, and shares with photo posts. Try it!
If you want to give your images and extra boost, put some text on them. People love reading messages on photos.


Build friendships with bloggers in your niche

Before I started my blog, I read and studied lots of other travel blogs. I got in touch with lots of fellow bloggers and started sharing their content. I wrote to them to tell them how much I liked their content and in return they eventually started to share my content as well.


No matter what your niche is, you should be getting in touch with other people and develop connections with them.


Keep your fans entertained

Get online daily. Engagement is important! I try to post at least twice a day—the more the better.
Keep your fans entertained. Share stuff that you like and your followers will reshare it. Ask your fans questions and get to know them.


Definitely don't share only your own posts. Share anything that is valuable content and related to your niche.


If you don’t post regularly,  you won’t be seen in the news feed. All your posts are public. Whenever someone likes or comments on your stuff, the friends of your fans will see that too. So go and post more!


Check your insights on your Facebook page

Last but not least, check your insights. Find out when your fans are online and what kind of posts reach the most people.


Facebook Insights graph


Building Facebook Fans takes time, but even more it takes consistency. Make sure to dedicate enough time and effort in your Facebook page and provide  value to your fans.


Don't give up! It's not too hard and I'm sure you can do it. Be patient and your hard work will pay off.


Thanks for reading. You can find more posts by me on my blog, Just One Way Ticket.


Sabrina Iovino

Sabrina Iovino

Travel Blogger at JustOneWayTicket


Sabrina is the founder of, an inspiring travel blog focused on her experiences (and disasters). She's half-German Italian and has visited more than 50 countries around the world. She’s a talented photographer and web designer, whose blog posts and photos keep visitors coming back day in and day out. If you’re ever on the road, she’s probably somewhere close by.