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8 Jimdo Updates You'll Want to Try Today

Since we launched the new Jimdo last week, most of the attention has focused on our slick new user interface, style editor, and template selection. But inside, there are a ton of Jimdo features waiting to be discovered. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.


8 Amazing Updates in Jimdo


1. Design variations

The new Jimdo offers 30 new templates, with more rolling out on a regular basis. Many come with style variations recommended by our designers, so you can choose from different colors and styles and be sure they will look good— no art degree necessary!


Design variations in Jimdo


2. Inline editing

The new Jimdo allows you to insert and edit text directly on your page, rather than having to open up a separate window or pop-up box. This means you can see exactly how your text will look in-place, and make changes easily and quickly. We’ve also made many more font sizes available so you can customize your content exactly how you want it, from headers to the fine print. (Remember to use this option sparingly, since text in many different sizes can be confusing to readers.)


Edit your text inline with Jimdo


3. Hundreds of new fonts

The new Jimdo integrates the entire Google Fonts catalog. This means that there are now hundreds of web-optimized fonts ready for you to use. A new font search bar and filter help you choose the best option for your site.


The entire Google Fonts directory is now available in Jimdo


4. New opacity options

The new Jimdo allows you to adjust the opacity of a colored area. You can now play with transparency and give your pages more depth and variation. Opacity is particularly helpful when you use a photo as your background image.


Set the opacity of different blocks of color in Jimdo


5. New sharing buttons

You asked, and we heard you! We now offer a wider selection of sharing buttons in different sizes, colors, and shapes.


New options for share buttons


6. Navigation, sidebar, and footer customization

You can modify the styles of your site’s footer, sidebar and navigation—you’re not tied to one pre-set look. For example, you can change the color of your navigation buttons, change the opacity of your footer, and more. Click Style in the Site Admin (you'll see the little paint roller on the right), click on the area you want to change, and then play around with different looks.


Style the navigation in Jimdo


7. Improved shopping basket

When you activate your Jimdo store and post your first item for sale, a shopping cart symbol now automatically appears at the top right of your site. The symbol stays visible and automatically updates the number of items in the cart, making it easy for people to keep track of their purchases while they shop.


Shopping cart is now always visible for stores


8. Improved Widget/HTML Element

For users who want to add third-party widgets or hand-code parts of their website, we’ve given the Widget/HTML Element a makeover. It now includes line numbering and color-coding so it’s easy to spot mistakes.


New widget/html element


We’re excited to share some of these new features and hope that you’ll check them out. Existing users who haven’t activated the new Jimdo interface can log in to their Jimdo website and go to Settings > Jimdo > The New Jimdo Experience. Checkmark the "Yes, activate the new Jimdo experience" option and click Save.