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Jimdo Stories: Allison’s New Twist on Jewelry

Allison Hertzberg epitomizes the DIY lifestyle. The fashionable Brooklyn professional first started making her own jewelry in college. It all started when she was taking a make-your-own documentary class (we weren’t kidding, DIY expert alert!). Her documentary told the story of wooden boat building in Portland, Maine. It was there that lobster fishermen showed her knotting techniques, which inspired the design of her tactile, woven, and funky necklaces. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a thriving business. This then turned Allison on to her next DIY adventure, building her own website with Jimdo.


We talked to Allison about her journey with Jimdo and turning her handmade jewelry into a successful side business.
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When did you decide to sell your designs?

I was in New York working, and I would wear them, people in the subway would approach me and ask where I got it, and I would say “I made it!”, and they’d say: “No! I want to have one just like yours!”


How do you come up with all those patterns and ideas?

A lot of the time I take a piece of rope and I just play around with it. Once I get a really good, interesting design, I will photocopy it so I remember what it looks like. But I get inspiration from everywhere. I’m surrounded by all these cultures, these colors, and different architecture. I take everything I see, and I try to channel it into my designs. So you’ll see, my collection is not just one look—it’s bright, it’s metallic, it’s soft, it’s something for everyone and something for every time of the day.


What’s unique about your accessories?

Every piece is handmade, every piece is one of a kind, because you can’t really replicate the same exact way you do something when you’re making it by hand. So, I personally love that. I like to know that something I’m wearing was made by a person. A person who spent their time doing something that now I’m wearing and something that now is part of my wardrobe, in my closet.


Why did you decide to build a website with Jimdo?

I saw there was an interest, so I started thinking: how do I get more people to learn about the brand? Because there was obviously a demand. So, I set up my website. A website is so important. I work in digital marketing and I can’t tell you - to have an online presence for any local, small business is the number one thing you should be doing. That, and social media. You need to be out there. People need to access you. If I didn’t have a website I could not have got in touch with stylists or magazines to get press on my jewelry. Everything comes from my website. It’s your lookbook, it’s the way that you appear to the world.


What do you like about Jimdo?

With Jimdo there are all these different services that you get when you sign up for your ecommerce or your business program - you get customer service, analytics. Seeing how to improve your website is very important. I would not be where I am today if I didn’t have a website.


What’s next for Accessories by ASH?

I want Accessories by ASH to takeover, I want to go global. I want to be everywhere. I really love what I do here and it’s the one thing that keeps me up at night. You know some people, their mind never stops when they’re so passionate about something. And I stay up until 4:00 AM making jewelry, because that’s what gets me excited.

Thank you, Allison, for reminding us to stick with our passions. For more on Allison, or to buy her accessories, visit: And to get started on your own ecommerce check out our blog post on Selling Online with Jimdo.


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