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Change Multiple Fonts & Colors at Once

Who knew one little switch could be so powerful? If you’ve used the Jimdo Style Editor recently, you may have noticed a new toggle switch that makes changing styles even faster.

Updated Style Editor
Jimdo’s Style Editor has always given you the freedom to change the colors and fonts of different elements. But if you wanted to apply a style or brand identity to an entire website, it could be a time-consuming process. Plus, there would often be small elements that were easy to miss (horizontal lines, anyone?)


With hundreds of designers from 99designs working on logos and matching Jimdo websites, we wanted to make it easier to style everything at once. And then we thought, “Well, this feature isn’t just for designers—all of our Jimdo customers could be using it.”


That’s why you’ll see a new toggle switch in Style Mode called “Style by Element.” When it’s switched on, you can style each element type just as you did before. When it’s switched off, you can make sweeping changes to the entire style of your website template.


Applying a whole brand identity to your website

For example, let’s say your brand uses a certain shade of green and the font “Oswald,” and you want to use these throughout your website too. You can now set this color as your Color Scheme, and also set your branded font to be used for all headings or all body text.


Style by element With the toggle switch on the far left “off,” you can style the colors and fonts of your entire template at once.

Note: Different Jimdo templates have different Color Scheme options, so you can play around with them and see which one works best for you. Read more about these features in our Support Center.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the same website with two different Color Schemes applied to it. With the new option to style by template, you can change the color of the top menu bar, headings, horizontal lines, and links all at once.



Then, if you turn the toggle switch on, you can click on different elements to style them, just as you usually do. It’s perfect for making those final adjustments.


Style by element With the toggle switch "on," you can style individual elements just as you usually do.

Hint: We recommend styling by template first (toggle switch off) before turning the switch on to style by element. That’s because if you style by element and then style by template, the Style Editor will overwrite the changes you made initially.

Watch our Style Editor tutorial

For a more in-depth look at how this new toggle switch works and how you can use it on your website, check out this video:



If you’re still using one of Jimdo’s old templates, this is a perfect time to switch to a newer option, to give your site a boost and take full advantage of the updated Style Editor. To preview a new template, click on Templates in your Site Admin. There you’ll be able to browse all the new options with your current content. You can also check out our Template Filter, which will help you find a template with just the features you need.


We’re excited to hear what you think of this new option and how you’re using it on your website, so as always, let us know in the comments!