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Shop Small at These 5 Jimdo Online Stores

Now that you’ve learned the twelve most essential tips to creating a successful online store, you’re ready to create or spruce up your own online shop.

We found it’s always easiest to get started when you have a bit of creative inspiration. That’s why we collected some of our favorite examples of online shops created with Jimdo.


Sun Ah Blair Jewelry



At Jimdo, we pride ourselves in being different. So when we see a site that sells unique and different products, we’re immediately drawn to it. Sun Ah Blair Jewelry is the perfect example of this. The jewelry is handmade, influenced by Japanese culture, and absolutely stunning.


The site does a nice job of complementing the intricate and bold jewelry with a simple grey and white color scheme. In addition to the shop page, there's also has a gallery so customers can see even more photos of the beautiful jewelry.


What we love about this online shop:

  • Shipping policies: If you’re selling products online, you’ll be busy offline packing and shipping your products to customers. So to give yourself more time creating your products and sending them off,add a shipping policies section on your site to clarify payment options, additional costs, gift wrapping options, international fees, and more.

  • Use of subpages: If you sell a lot of items, you might have trouble keeping your navigation short and easy to maneuver. To resolve this issue, this site created subpages. You can access these subpages via buttons on the main shop page. You can create subpages by going to your Navigation menu and clicking on the right arrow (>) next to the page you want to become a subpage.


Tip from Amy Blair of Sun Ah Blair: “To help increase sales during the holiday season I would recommend hopping on the bandwagon and trying a cyber week sale in conjunction with Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.”



Black Yeti


Do you have a style icon in your life? Someone who every time you meet up for coffee is sporting the coolest bag or flawlessly pulls off an assortment of bracelets? They’re difficult to shop for, we know. You might want to turn to Black Yeti and browse their hip and trendy jewelry/accessories to impress this trendsetter.


Black Yeti is also a trendsetter when it comes to web design. This shop uses the Malaga template to create a simple yet fun website. The site uses a clean and simple sans-serif font as well as black and white color scheme to not distract from their colorful products.


What we love about this online shop:

  • Homepage slideshow to display top items: Black Yeti’s homepage uses a slider to share some of their top items. This is a great way to hook customers and interest them in browsing more of your items. The items featured are shown on people so it’s more eye-catching and suitable for the structure of the homepage. Most importantly, all the images are the same size to create a clean and sharp looking slider.


Tip from Sebastian Leskoschek of Black Yeti: “Customers need to feel safe and secure on your shop, they should always have the feeling that someone is there to help them if they need something. So you need to provide as much information as possible."



The Vermont Juice Company



While this gift is only available for the lucky few of you that live in Vermont, we still couldn’t resist sharing this juicy site from The Vermont Juice Company. Pun intended.


This site uses the Prague template, which offers a simple, centered, and prominent navigation bar. This is especially useful for online shops who want to focus on driving visitors to their shop page. The online store also does a great job of making the store hours and contact information easy to find, by placing it at the top of the homepage. The website also excels at content. It includes descriptions of each juice, the store, cleanses and more—a crucial factor in improving your SEO.


What we love about this online shop:

  • Professional and creative logo: The Vermont Juice Company has one of the best store logos. It’s versatile, simple, fun, and memorable—which are the characteristics of any successful logo.

  • Consistent branding: the style, colors, and font used in the logo are integrated throughout the entire company’s website creating a consistent look.


Tip from Hannah George of The Vermont Juice Company: "Get accustomed to the options within the Store Item Element (item variations, etc). Knowing all of the in's and out's as you go along is very helpful as you continue to grow your store."



Coastal Vintage



In the midst of summer, some of us long for the warm beach. You might not be able to give the gift of warm weather, but you can find some coastal knick-knacks over at Coastal Vintage.


This Australia-based online shop uses the Cairo template. They use a photo gallery on their homepage to share more products, which also makes it easy for visitors to browse multiple items all at once.


Why we love this online shop:

  • Customers can trust making a purchase: One of the most important aspects of an online shop is to prove you're a trustworthy site. People don't want to plug in their credit card information and make a purchase if they can't trust it's a safe and secure site. Coastal Vintage does a great job at proving it is a legitimate online store by including a Media page, which shows press clippings of its business, including a Terms & Shipping page, and including other services like prop hire.

  • Creative product photos: Sometimes a customer needs a little more context to see if they really like a product. Seeing the item by itself might not be enough. Coastal Vintage does a great job of displaying the product with other items so you can get a better idea of how it might look in your home. For retail sellers, it’s great to do this by having your clothes or jewelry shown on actual people.


Tip from Sally Oulton of Coastal Vintage: "Invest in the time to learn to take fabulous photos. That is the first thing I did before I set up the store, so I had lovely crisp photos from day one."



From the Bronx



It’s no secret that we’re big fans of From the Bronx. We met the brothers in their home state of New York and instantly felt cooler for knowing them. These two guys are dedicated to revamping the image of The Bronx and use their online shop to invite others to show their pride for the area. You can visit them in person at the The Bronx Beer Hall. And if you know a Bronx aficionado or perhaps someone who just likes to add an extra kick to everything, then we recommend shopping around their site.



Why we love this online shop:

  • Top-notch product photos: One of the key elements of creating a clean and professional looking shop page is to use quality images, preferably with a white or transparent background. From the Bronx uses high-quality images that create a trustworthy and sharp-looking online store. And you don’t have to hire a professional to take awesome product photos. Follow our tutorial on how to take product photos with a DIY light box.

  • Individual product pages: From the Bronx has created detailed product pages for each item that they sell online. Individual product pages have numerous benefits: they give you an SEO boost, a direct URL for each product for social media and newsletters, and the potential to upsell or cross sell related products. Take a hint from their product page and include your product’s price, description of the item using keywords, shipping info, and item availability.



Melissa Myers

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