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10 Jimdo Websites Using the Miami Template

In the battle of the Jimdo templates, we’ve laid out the case for our favorites like Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Zurich, and Rome. But in the timeless words of Will Smith, Miami is “the type of town I could spend a few days in.” And just like Will Smith, once you spend some time with the Miami template, you’ll see why it’s one of the more popular places for your website to be.

Jimdo Websites that use Miami template
So sit back, relax, and take a look at some of these real-life Jimdo websites from around the world that are making Miami their own.


Why we love the Miami template:

Miami Template
  • Large logo area: No squished logos here. Miami has one of the largest logo areas of all of Jimdo’s template, so if you have a logo you love to show off, this one might be for you.
  • You can keep it white hot, or go dark: Hot summer nights in Miami call for a template variation to match. Click on Miami’s variations to see an option with a dark background, for a more dramatic look.
  • Freedom and flexibility: Miami isn’t about limits or being confined. With its wide content area and sidebar on the bottom, Miami gives you the space to put your content exactly where you want, without a lot of pre-set boundaries.
  • Dropdown menus and breadcrumb trails: Like the city itself, Miami has something for everyone. It’s simple top navigation can be aligned right, left, or center, and it has both a dropdown menu and a breadcrumb trail to make finding your way incredibly easy.
  • Versatility: As you'll see from the examples below, Miami is open to everyone: online shops, blogs, and portfolio sites, it's got you covered!


Real Jimdo websites using the Miami template

Click on the images below to tour the full websites.


1. Christian Heuser

Jimdo Miami Template example


You can’t help but smile when you visit Christian Heuser’s portfolio site. You can immediately tell from his homepage what his unique style is, and the round cartoons (uploaded as Photo Elements into columns) help you navigate to the four distinct parts of his site. The playful font Amatic SC helps complete the look. His website shows how you can keep your format simple and really let your work speak for itself.



2. Les Ateliers de Laurene

Jimdo website using Miami template


This DIY workshop in Paris has created a website that inspires you to get creative yourself. I really like the way they chose a background image that frames their logo so well. The site itself lets you sign up for classes, follow different tutorials, and more. They have a blog with wonderful photos of all the different projects, and they use consistent colors in their fonts and photographs to tie everything together.



3. Studio Gespuis

Jimdo website using MIami template


We love this website’s clear, easy-to-follow navigation, its rotating slideshow of background images, and its bold use of large black text on a white background. The industrial, functional, and modern look of the website mirrors the products they sell. And those products look great with the professional, consistent photos they use throughout. Nicely done.



4. Flcty

This is an example of a Jimdo website using the Miami template


Flcty is the DIY blog of Jimdo’s very own Svenja Pokora, who is a talented crafter and knitter when she’s not running through the office in Hamburg. We love how she’s created a unique look for her blog’s images and designed them with calligraphy over them (you can do something similar on your own with a free program like Canva). Then, she’s uploaded the images as Photo Elements into different Columns to create a colorful, inviting category page for her blog.



5. Sergio Diaz

Jimdo Miami Template


Sergio Diaz’s photography website makes beautiful use out of Miami’s dark background variation. How does he get it to work so well? A high contrast white font and minimal text keeps everything easy to read. The orange highlights really pop against the dark background and guide the visitor's eye to the important parts of the page. A dark background doesn’t work for everyone, but Sergio shows how, done thoughtfully, it can really make photographs stand out.



6. Meduana

Jimdo miami template


Another great example of Miami with a dark background. The Meduana website uses high-contrast, easy-to-read fonts (Nixie One for headings and Noto Sans for paragraph text). By keeping the other visual elements to a minimum, they ensure that the photographs stand out against the dark background. They’ve also made great use of Columns Elements and Photo Galleries.



7. Miau Design

Jimdo website example with Miami Template


Artist and designer Juliane Breiert prides herself on her handmade products, so it’s no surprise she tackled her website herself, too. And this minimal, no-nonsense website perfectly reflects the aesthetic of the products she sells. Her choice of font Courier New also helps give the website a handmade feel.



8. Alberto Zuccolo

Jimdo Miami Template


What’s the best way for a personal trainer to introduce himself to new clients? With a website, of course! In this example, personal trainer Alberto Zuccolo does a great job of presenting his technique and philosophy to potential customers. The background image is a collage of different photographs of Alberto working with happy clients. He clearly describes his services, his background, customer testimonials, and clear links to his Facebook profile. Basically, his website gives you all the information and inspiration you’d need to get started.



9. Vlindertaal

Jimdo website using Miami template


Vlindertaal is a Dutch children’s book for kids age 5 and up, and the authors created a beautiful website to complement it. They’ve uploaded a background image that matches the book’s cover, and used the whimsical font Sacramento for their Heading Elements. I especially like that they’ve included a video of one of their young fans reading the book out loud.



10. Kumakoo

Jimdo template Miami


Graphic designer Kumakoo has used the Miami template to achieve an amazing feat: creating a simple, elegant portfolio website that manages to fit three different languages. She balances striking visuals with a very simple grey and black content area that lets her clearly lay out what she has accomplised, in English, Chinese, and French.


Want to try the Miami template on your own website? Go to Templates in your Site Admin to open the Template Selector, then choose Miami from the list. Don't have a Jimdo site yet? Start a free site with the Miami template here.


If you have a wonderful Jimdo website that uses the Miami template, let us know in the comments!




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