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Jimdo Dolphin Will Change the Way You Build a Website

Your own Website in 3 Minutes

Dolphin is a new generation of website builder that delivers a personalized, ready-to-use website in under three minutes.


Traditional website builders typically require a large up-front investment of time and effort, from choosing templates to writing text to building each page. Jimdo Dolphin presents a radically easier approach.


Dolphin asks you brief questions about your business, and then creates a totally personalized website with text, photos, and other details already filled in. You get a great looking website that’s ready to go—designed specifically with your industry in mind.

We believe big change starts with small businesses

We’re idealists. We believe that the most innovative and world-changing ideas start small—with small businesses and entrepreneurs. They are the ones helping people tackle challenges in new ways, not the big guys.


In order for their ideas to catch on and spread, small businesses need to be able to compete on equal footing and get their voices out there. That’s where we can help—by making sure they have the best online presence possible. When we help entrepreneurs create their websites quickly, affordably, and with just what they need, we help the best ideas get out into the world and have a real impact. That’s what drives us.

The website building industry needs a new approach

The website building industry is over a decade old, and it’s long overdue for a change. The current tools have a lot of power, but they take too long and have a steep learning curve. If other things in our lives are becoming so easy thanks to technology, why should website creation be any different?


The industry has been focused on trying to do everything, when many people just want to do one thing - put an awesome website online so they can get back to work doing what they do best.


That’s where Dolphin comes in. Dolphin isn’t just another website builder—it’s a way to bypass traditional website builders completely.

What makes Dolphin different?

We want entrepreneurs to do what they do best, not spend their time hunched over a computer staring at their website. That’s why Dolphin offers a deliberately streamlined approach with just what you need, and nothing you don’t.


With Dolphin, you spend less time building your site and more time running your business and saving the world!


Dolphin gets to know you by asking just a few simple questions. Then it combines your existing information with professionally-crafted content based on your industry. The result is a unique website with text, photos, and your own information all ready to go, completely tailored for your business.

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About Jimdo

Jimdo is the easiest way to create a website on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet, with no coding required. Founders Matthias Henze, Fridtjof Detzner, and Christian Springub started Jimdo in 2007 in an old farmhouse in Northern Germany. They had no budget, but shared a vision: build a tool that makes it fun for anyone to create their own website.


Today, people from around the world have built over 20 million Jimdo websites—online stores, blogs, portfolios, business websites, and more. Jimdo has 200 employees, all of whom share the same goal: help users share their passions and build something truly great!


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