10 Jimdo Sites Using the Barcelona Design Template

Barcelona template

Are you looking for the perfect template for your Jimdo website? Then take a look at our Barcelona template, because it’s almost as diverse and full of possibilities as the exciting city of Barcelona itself. There are so many great options that make it easy to design and perfect for your website.

To show you how flexible the Barcelona template can be, here are ten outstanding example websites from all over the world that will inspire you!

Highlights of the Barcelona template

What do we love about the design of Barcelona? It’s versatile and works well for even the most diverse requirements. You can change the look from clean and simple to something heavier in just a few clicks with a change of images and background. This understated template is easy to design be it for your own small portfolio or online shop.

Barcelona template

Websites that use Barcelona tend to revolve around high-resolution photos that catch the eye while keeping the template minimalistic. That’s why it’s no surprise that Barcelona is popular with artists and online stores.

What we love about Barcelona:

  • Prominent place for your logo at the top: If you have a logo that you want to show off, Barcelona is the ideal template.
  • Allows for an eye-catching background image: Experiment with a high-resolution photo (we recommend a maximum width of 1920 px). The result is impressive. Try it!
  • Horizontal navigation directly under your logoIt’s perfect for websites with many subpages and offers a suitable drop-down menu. Keep your navigation on one line, for a beautifully clear design.
  • An all-rounder among our designs: The Barcelona design can handle websites with a lot of pages or just a few. As you’ll see from the examples below, Barcelona works well for all sizes, from online stores with many products to a small website with only three pages.
  • Sidebar at the bottom below the content area: Putting all this information at the bottom of your page rather than the side gives you plenty of space in your content area for photos, text, and other elements.



Ten eye-catching websites with the Barcelona template

To show you these qualities in action, I’ve put together ten examples of Jimdo websites from around the world that look beautiful with Barcelona. Take a closer look and see if this template could work for you. Just click on the images to get ideas for your own Jimdo site!

1. Caroline Bech

Caroline Bech

Our first example is Caroline Bech, a Dutch actress who currently lives and works in London. She sticks to simple fonts and an unobtrusive color scheme. This harmonizes very well with her simple yet striking portrait on her homepage. The neutral color scheme adds to her website’s overall clean and well-structured look.


2. Oh So Pretty Design

Oh so Pretty

Similar to the previous example, this website takes clean to a whole other level. Both the background and the footer are kept in uniform white, which gives Oh So Pretty a wonderfully minimalistic look. The studio focuses on beautiful pastel colors and crafty graphics to make their website stand out. They also use a great mix of both Serif and Sans Serif fonts for the headings and body text which compliment each other wonderfully. This also serves to highlight the headlines from the content. So check it out and be inspired!


3. Sami GarraSami Garra

Sami Garra is from Spain and uses the Barcelona design to sell her ingenious artistry consisting of delicate paper figures, jewelry, and cute stamps. Instead of white, she uses a light gray for her background which she offsets with a friendly infusion of color and fun to match her products. This highlights her products beautifully and gives them a very personal touch. She also cleverly uses the navigation to have her online store in both Spanish and English—a great use of the template.


4. La Torre Di Alice

La Torre di AliceLa Torre Di Alice is a charming and cozy bed and breakfast that presents itself as the perfect “home away from home” around the area of Bosa, Sardinia. Marco and Alice, the two owners, adorn their website with beautiful photos that invite the visitor to their guesthouse. The white background highlights the photos nicely and the Open Sans font underlines the well-thought-out composition of background, photos, and text. Marco and Alice’s passion for their guest house shines through their inspiring Jimdo site.


5. Barber Shop Rosario

Barber Shop Rosario

Barber Shop Rosario is a local hairdresser in the Berner Quartier Sandrain. This example uses high-resolution photographs of the business instead of a solid background and offers a nice touch that separates it from other websites. The background image has a blur effect and pattern overlay—this helps visitors focus on the content whilst highlighting the image nicely. This page is also a great example of how simple a Barcelona website can be and still be a success—her website only has three pages!


6. Stefan Dokoupil

Stefan Dokoupil

Stefan Dokoupil is a fashion and advertising photographer from Austria. He has worked for numerous magazines and TV stations, winning prestigious awards for his photography. On his website Stefan concentrates on the essentials: the visitor sees a central, eye-catching photo displayed on the homepage, the logo is the perfect format and easily visible, the navigation is simple and the background is simply white. You can tell this is a photography website at first glance. The online shop matches the rest of the website in its simplicity. Stefan’s outstanding photos speak for themselves and look amazing.


7. Santa Rita

Santa Rita

Santa Rita is the project of “Su”, who lovingly sells handmade ceramics like plates, bowls and cups or accessories for your home in her online shop. She also uses the Barcelona template to give her products plenty of space to breathe. The slider on the homepage adds a nice effect and gives the visitor a taste for more. A notable feature is the gallery where she presents her products tastefully with the same consistent pastel color themes. The site looks simple (by reducing elements to the bare essentials), professional (using high-quality product pictures) and clean (by using enough “Whitespace).”



8. É-sens


É-sens cleverly uses the background slider feature to switch between beautiful images that perfectly adapt to the wellness concept. The background images display rare flowers in alternation. It almost feels like meditation in itself to follow the gentle change in the images. Not only did they find a great way to enhance their website with the background feature, they also used the Style Editors’ color picker to their advantage: When one of the images falls behind the content area, you can ever so slightly see a light white background so that text can still be legible. The beautiful photos in the background are only superimposed to the extent that the flowers are still translucent through the content and the text in the foreground is still easy to read—an amazing touch and use of the built-in tools.


9. No Pierdas Tus Libros

No pierdas tus libros

No Pierdas Tus Libros offers individual book stickers on its website.This example shows that you don’t need fancy backgrounds or photos—all you need is a great color scheme and eye for design. The neutral colors and a bright pink provide just the right amount of pop on the website to grab your attention. From the color scheme to the minimal icons, to the way images and text are displayed, even the font choice (“Open Sans Condensed”)—everything about this website is put together wonderfully.


10. Pauli Bird

Pauli Bird

You may recognize this shop website from our ads. Pauli Bird’s handmade jewelry really uses Barcelona’s large logo area and simple navigation to its advantage. The result is clean, modern, and easy for customers to use. We also love that they’ve included photographs from their workshop and a page of Soundcloud music files to help describe their inspiration.

Want to try Barcelona on your own website? Go to Templates in your Menu Editor to open the Template Selector, then choose Barcelona from the list. Don’t have a Jimdo site yet? Start a free site with the Barcelona template here.

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