8 Agency and Freelancer Websites That Are Winning Clients

How do freelancers and small agencies win new customers, today? If you ask around, most will tell you they rely on personal referrals and word of mouth recommendations to secure high-paying clients.

This might sound a bit old-fashioned. But it’s important to be prepared if you run an agency or are self-employed. After all, when someone recommends you or your business, the first thing a potential new customer will do is look you up Google.

But that’s not the only reason why professional websites for freelance copywriters, illustrators, designers, and agencies are more important than ever before. The number of clients looking for the right freelance expert online is also growing steadily. Which is great news for you!

Luckily, it’s easy to create a professional website even if you have no web design experience. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 8 examples of agency and freelancer websites that convince new customers immediately!

1. die generalistin

The wallpaper on Angelika’s homepage instantly gives you a sense of what she does for her clients:

“Communication. Coordination. Cooperation.”

Then, as you scroll down, her welcome text gives you more detail:

“Building bridges through communication, coordination, and cooperation.”

So, her homepage is a kind of “teaser,” at first glance. As visitors scroll down, everything is explained. A smart way to hook visitors and at the same time, visually striking. Her niche is broad—she’s a lawyer, health and social manager, and lecturer. Hence the apt and memorable name, die generalistin or “The Generalist.”

2. Creationship

This agency helps customers plan and design their own success through coaching, creativity workshops, and consulting. Christina presents these three topics on her start page with the help of matching icons and short keywords—clear and easy to understand for anyone who wants to know more about her achievements. She also uses these icons on the respective subpages, making it easy for visitors to find their way around. Apart from the home page, all her pages start with the “C” from the agency name—an apt alliteration aid in the navigation!

3. ao2 Grafik & Programmierung

These two know how web design works and you can see it on their website. Susanne and Karsten have been providing chic design solutions for their customers via their agency ao2 for the past 20 years. Their services include everything from coding support to social media graphics. So it’s no wonder their website looks the business! They use a rich, orange accent color, clear navigation, and include all the information you need on the first page. Their personality shines through in every line, but especially on their charming team page!

4. Meike Ufer

This website oozes style. But without being extravagant or over-the-top. The homepage gives visitors a taste of Meike’s diverse illustrations, vector graphics, and design work that simply leave you wanting more. If you’re still not completely in love with these designs, take a look at Meike’s illustration and web design pages. All in all, a great (web) design!


5. Zeitgeist Webdesign

Angelika’s header image says it all: her work is focused on time—specifically, helping her clients to stay “up-to-date.” She makes it easy for new visitors to understand her approach, with three beautiful icons (pictured above) that symbolize the three pillars of her service. This motivates new customers by helping them to imagine their website being transformed from an idea, through to implementation and optimization. A convincing online presence!


6. Elisabeth Engelstädter

When you land on Elisabeth’s website, it’s easy to understand what she does from the start. Her logo takes pride of place in the header and is underlined by three keywords that describe her services. Among other things, she creates logos, designs websites, print articles, and even creates unique artwork for her clients. We particularly like the way she’s customized her footer. In addition to the usual contact details, Elisabeth includes links to each of her specialisms and invites visitors to sign up to her newsletter. A great idea to boost conversions.


All in one IT support, creative agency, and data protection service provider. GATACA unites three different disciplines under one roof. The drop-down menu keeps the navigation neat and well organized, despite the numerous subpages needed for this broad portfolio. And their selection of matching, high-quality images brings everything together to complete the professional look. If you check out one thing from this post, make it GATACA’s distinctive About Us section—complete with unique caricatures and a witty intro for each team member. Endearing and professional, all in one!

8. Lazy Designer

Judith speaks from the soul, with her motto, “Your website can do more.” Her website shows what you can achieve when you combine excellent web design with a creative approach. The memorable image (in the truest sense of the word) on the Lazy Designer home page reflects her company logo. Judith has carefully structured her subpages, without any unnecessary gimmicks. Design-wise, she’s kept things consistent with contrasting black and yellow blocks or using a white background. A textbook example of how to communicate your corporate identity.

Feeling inspired? Create a freelance website for your business today and start winning new clients of your own!

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Suzanne Al-Gayaar
Suzanne is a copywriter for Jimdo. She discovered her love of marketing when she was growing her first business. When she’s not dreaming up one-liners, you can find her eating mint humbugs, horse riding, or hiking with her dog.