How to Automate Your Workflows and Be More Powerful

how to automate your work

This post comes from our friends at POWr. Headquartered in San Francisco, POWr’s mission is to provide customizable, easy-to-use and affordable solutions to help small businesses grow

Spending time doing manual tasks when you could be doing something else is a pain. Personally, I’ve found myself manually downloading email attachments and then uploading them to a folder in Google Drive countless times. It may not have taken long each time, but I didn’t think about how much time I was spending on this and numerous other small tasks every day. I was also copying and pasting links to social media posts into our company Slack (our company collaboration and communication tool), for example. Added up, they took valuable time out of my day. Technology has made it increasingly easy to streamline our workflows and there’s no end of tools that claim to make you more productive. Today, we’re bringing you one of the most flexible ones yet: Zapier!

If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s an online automation tool that lets you connect apps so that you can automate more and stop doing the tedious, manual and repetitive tasks that take up your time. The best part is you don’t need any coding experience or web developers to use it!

There are so many possibilities with Zapier, as it now boasts over 1000 different apps that can be connected to each other. This now also includes POWr Form Builder (and you can learn about how to use it with your Jimdo Creator website here).

As with any form, being able to use the data you collect, make it actionable and store it where you need it is important. Now you can automate what happens to your form data in new and exciting ways!

How it works

To install a POWr plugin on your Creator website, first set up a free POWr account. Then return to your website and add a new element. Select POWr Plugins from the Elements Menu (under Add-on Elements) then just follow the steps!

how to add a powr plugin to a jimdo website

From there you use the built-in integration directly within the POWr Editor to use the Zap you need:

Powr form builder

For more information on setting up Zapier with your POWr Form Builder form, please read our Help Documentation.

Now let’s look at some of the ways you can use POWr Form Builder and Zapier to get the most out of your form submissions and make your data more powerful!



Get information where you need it: Save form data in a central location

Powr Plugins
Where did I put that file?

It’s essential to keep information in an accessible, organized and central location, without having to manually copy and paste files or other information! With POWr Form Builder and Zapier, you can accomplish this easily, making your life that much simpler. This is a great option if you own an online store and want to keep track of customer info and subscriptions without having to manually move and organize the data. For example, you can collect RSVPs in real time in a Google Sheet, or get file uploads saved in your Google Drive or Dropbox so everyone in your team can access them easily.

Get more leads: Automatically add contacts to your CRM

Rather than spending valuable time entering new contacts into your CRM, you can utilize Zapier and POWr Form Builder to automatically tackle this task for you! This is invaluable for obtaining leads and then having more time to convert or nurture them, rather than spending time manually copying and pasting them into your customer management tool.

Be in the know: Get more notifications

Set up notifications
I’m going to set up notifications for everything! Mwahaha!

It’s already possible to get email alerts when someone fills out your POWr Form Builder form, but Zapier makes it possible to receive alerts in other convenient locations, such as Slack!

Get more done: Automatically add tasks to your project management system

To do list
I’m getting so much done today! High-five for me!

Being able to see the information you collect from your feedback form or surveys and take action efficiently is important, so adding tasks to your project management system automatically allows you to get things moving quickly. Here are some of our favorite Zaps:


These Zaps will help you to be more efficient with powerful automation, as well as helping to keep you and your team up-to-date and data-informed so you can always do the best for your business. Check out all the integrations here, but don’t forget you can create your own Zaps to set up any automation you need with one of the thousands of apps already integrated into Zapier. This of course also extends beyond POWr Form Builder, and we encourage you to explore all the ways you can speed up processes and be more efficient. You’ll soon realize how much time you can save!

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