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Why do you need a freelance website?

If you want to spend less time looking for freelance gigs online and more time earning, then it’s time to get a website. With your own professional site, you’ll be able to focus on doing what you love while the freelance projects come to you.

  1. Promote your freelance services to more clients online.
  2. Get recognized with smart design features to build your brand.
  3. Save on fees charged by freelance platforms—set your own rates!
  4. Help new clients find you on Google with automatic SEO.
  5. Attract high-paying clients with a professional portfolio.

What should your website include?

It can be tricky to decide what to include on your website. But it’s all about what clients want to know before they hire you. Here are a few things that all the best freelancer websites have:

Creative freelance websites packed with features

How to add a contact form to your website

Let the freelance gigs come to you!

With the Contact Block, it’s easy for clients to reach you when they want to find a self-employed contractor. Just deck out your website with info about your services, add a Contact Block, then watch the leads come rolling in!

Optimize your freelance portfolio website with image filters

Dazzle clients with your content

Ah, the perfect portfolio—a freelancer’s dream! Step away from freelance job sites and present your work the way you want to. Combine text, images, videos, and lists to make your creations pop. Just like a pro designer would!

Girl updating her Jimdo website from a mobile

Edit your website anywhere, anytime

You’re free to roam, so your website should be too! With Jimdo you can edit your site wherever you are, straight from your mobile. Post about your latest project or update your contact info with a tap. Just log in and go!

Freelancer website examples and ideas

If you want to wave goodbye to your 9-5 but aren’t sure how to get freelance work, then creating your website is the best place to start. Check out our blog for more freelancer tips and inspiration to kickstart your success!

Portfolio websites

Looking for freelance portfolio examples? Here’s some inspiration from our Jimdo users!

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CV Websites

Ready to achieve your career goals? Make your resume stand out with text, images, and video.

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Online Stores

Everything you need to sell your products online!

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Freelancer website FAQ

From acrobats to illustrators, from photographers to copywriters—we’ve helped all kinds of freelancers grow their businesses online. Here’s what they asked!

  • Yes! Especially now that the freelance marketplace is growing fast. A professional website will show prospective clients that you’re serious about your business—and theirs. Clients are used to researching online before they decide on a freelance artist, designer, or writer to work with. And with so many freelance hiring websites out there, it’s important to stand out if you want to build your business online.

    With your own website, you can showcase your results, set your own rates, and use our smart design features—like color schemes and font pairings—to build a professional brand that people will remember.

  • Yes, definitely! You’ll spend less time searching on freelance work websites when you have your own site. Whether you’re just starting out or already working as a freelance consultant, pitching on freelance jobs websites, and emailing companies can be a drag.

    With our smart freelance website builder, you can present your portfolio, list your services, and share your expertise—all in one place! Then use our automatic SEO feature to help more clients find you on Google so they can book your services.

  • With Jimdo there are lots of ways to give your website that professional edge:

    A custom domain or web address. This lets customers know that they have reached your “official” site, and it also shows clients that you’re serious about your business. Stick with a clean, polished design, and use consistent brand colors if you have them. Make sure you keep your contact info up to date and respond quickly when people ask about your freelance services. Include your freelancer logo. You can add your own logo or get tips on how to create one that matches your brand.

  • Whether you want to increase your revenue or pick up extra freelance jobs from home, you don't need a lot of money to find jobs online.

    It used to be expensive to hire a web designer or agency to create your site. Now you can set up your website for free, and be online in minutes! Just start with a free Jimdo plan that includes everything you need to get started. Plus, you won't have to pay fees on freelance platforms.

    When you're ready for more features, you can upgrade to our affordable paid plans for just a few dollars a month. These include a custom domain for the first contract period, SEO tools to boost your search engine ranking, and fast, friendly support from our team of experts.

  • Yes, your website will automatically adjust to work perfectly on any device—whether that's a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

    Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way clients look for freelancers, and how we find freelance work online. Most of us use mobiles to search for things like: “web designer in Chicago” or “freelance jobs near me.“ That’s why our sites are all born ready for mobile—you can even edit your site straight from your phone.