10 Jimdo Websites Using the Barcelona Template

barcelona template jimdo

If you’re following along with our Reinvention Month contest, you know that September is the perfect time to update your website (and maybe even win an Apple Watch Sport)!

As you hunt for the right template, we suggest taking a closer look at Barcelona. This understated template is easy to design and works well with all kinds of sites, from portfolios to online stores.

Highlights of the Barcelona template

Most websites that use Barcelona tend to rely on eye-catching photos while keeping the template simple and clean. That’s why it’s no surprise that a lot of artists and online stores are drawn to the Barcelona template.
What we love most about this template is how versatile it is—you can go from a simple and clean look to something more industrial and heavy with just a few clicks, change of images, and adding a background. This means that no matter what your brand is like, you can adapt Barcelona to look just right.

Here’s some things we love about Barcelona:

jimdo design barcelona

  • Plenty of space for a logo at the very top: If you’ve got a logo you love, this is the perfect template to show it off.
  • Allows for an eye-catching custom background image: Experiment with a high-quality photo here (at least 2000px wide is best). Or use a solid color background and the template still looks great.
  • Has different template variations both with the top colored bar and without: Gives you several different looks to choose from before you even start designing.
  • Horizontal navigation right below the logo is clear and easy to read: It also includes a dropdown menu for your subpages. For best results, we suggest keeping your navigation to one line and using the dropdown menu for subpages as needed.
  • Structure that can handle a lot of pages—or just a few: As you’ll see in the examples below, Barcelona works well for all sizes of website, from online stores with many products to a small website with only three pages.
  • Sidebar at the bottom below the content area: Putting all this information at the bottom of your page rather than the side gives you plenty of space in your content area for photos, text, and other elements.

To show you these qualities in action, I’ve put together ten examples of Jimdo websites from around the world that are looking beautiful with Barcelona. Take a closer look and see if this template will work for your site, and click on the images to tour the complete websites.



1. Caroline Bech

Caroline Bech

Our first example is Caroline Bech’s portfolio/resume, an actress from Amsterdam but currently residing in London to follow her dreams. She sticks to simple fonts and a neutral color scheme that happens to match her photos, giving her website an overall clean look. Right away, she uses a striking image on her homepage to keep the website from being too plain.


2. Vianne Fotografie

vianne fotografie

Similar to Caroline’s website, Vianne Fotografie focuses on her photography and less on text. Even with the white background, the images gives just the right amount of color to bring the website to life—even her About page relies on cute graphics to describe herself and her interests. The very little text you see in her navigation and blog gives her website a bit of an edge as it is not your average sans serif font (she’s using the font “Abel”).


3. Oh So Pretty Design

Oh so pretty design

Just like the previous examples, this design studio’s website takes clean to a whole nother level by doubling down on white. They’ve made the background white and their footer as well, for a nice minimalist look. This studio focuses on using beautiful pastel colors and crafty images to make their website stand out. They also use a great mix of both serif and sans serif fonts to differentiate between headings and body text. Although it is still a work in progress, we definitely like the direction they are heading.


4. Sami Garra

Handy craftswoman Sami Garra uses the template Barcelona to sell her super-cute-to-boot crafts and goodies. Instead of the white look, she uses a light shade of gray for her background and offsets it with bright, fun colors to match her products and personality. She also cleverly uses the navigation to have her online store in both Spanish and English—a great use of the template.


5. Pauli Bird


This shop website for handmade jewelry really uses Barcelona’s large logo area and simple navigation to its advantage. The result is clean, modern, and easy for customers to use. We also love that they’ve included photographs from their workshop and a page of Soundcloud music files to help describe their inspiration.


6. Barber Shop Rosario

Barber Shop Rosario

This barber’s website has broken away from the typical plain-colored background and adds an image of her barbershop to stand out from the rest. Rather than being distracting as you might think, she adds a blur effect and a subtle pattern overlay to help visitors focus on her content. She also shows how simple a Barcelona website can be and still be a success—her website only has three pages!


7. Eleaxart Shop

Elaxart Shop

Eleaxart is an online store that sells clothing and accessories to teenagers. They use a lot of the Jimdo elements to their advantage: To display images next to each other, they placed them in a Photo Gallery element. They eliminated too much scrolling for shoppers by placing products side by side with the Columns element. They also placed their top/new products on the home page to give shoppers an idea of their shop’s style. Along with that, they display many great pictures of their products throughout.


Frei Beutler


This streetwear store uses the random background feature to make their website stand out from the rest. However, instead of using the typical background image that is full width or height, they only add an image to the top portion to make it look like a header image. You can see how they have three different background options by navigating through their pages, or simply by refreshing your browser. Awesome! The font they’re using, “Advent Pro,” really helps complete the look.


9. É-sens


Similar to Frei Beutler, É-sens cleverly uses the background slider feature to switch between beautiful images that perfectly relate to their products—all natural beauty oils for relaxation. Not only did they find a great way to enhance their website with the background feature, they also used the Style Editors’s color picker to their advantage: When one of the images falls behind the content area, you can ever so slightly see a light white background so that text can still be legible. They also use a great shade of green that is transparent enough to see the background image behind it—an amazing touch and use of the built-in tools.



10. No Pierdas Tus Libros

no pierdas tus libros

This example shows that you don’t need the fancy backgrounds or photos—all you need is a great color scheme and eye for design. No Pierdas Tus Libros beautifully sells their book stickers with neutral colors and a bright pink for just the right amount of pop on the website. From the color scheme, to the minimal icons, to the way images and text are displayed, even the font choice (“Open Sans Condensed”)—everything about this website is put together wonderfully.

Want to try Barcelona on your own website? Go to Templates in your Site Admin to open the Template Selector, then choose Barcelona from the list. Don’t have a Jimdo site yet? Start a free site with the Barcelona template here.

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