Dashboard Statistics—Your New Success Tool

As an entrepreneur, sometimes you have to make smart decisions quickly to drive your business forward. That’s why we’ve developed Dashboard statistics: to help you analyze your website success at a glance. So you can make data-driven decisions and strategically tap into your website’s potential.

We’ve divided your most important success indicators into three categories.

1) Discovery: Where do your visitors come from?
2) Exploration: How many visitors do you have in total?
3) Interaction: How many visitors click on your buttons?

In each category, you’ll be able to pinpoint which of your website numbers could do with a boost. In addition to the numbers, you’ll also receive concrete tips from us on how to improve them.

Do most of your visitors come from social media? Great! Then we can show you how to attract more visitors via Google with some great SEO tricks. So you’ll have everything you need to develop your own strategy and get more traffic to your website.

Or are your visitor numbers pretty healthy, but only a few people are using your buttons or contact forms? We’ll show you how to increase your interaction rate!

Dashboard statistics are available with the Start and Grow plans

How to increase your success with the statistics step by step

Your statistics are now divided into three categories, each of which gives you a different insight into visitor behavior.

Based on the numbers and our tips, you can easily develop a clear plan on how to make your site successful in these easy steps.

1) Discovery: Your sources of traffic

Discovery tells you how visitors arrived on your website: from Facebook, via search engines, or by clicking on your ads?

You can use these insights about where your visitors have come from to drive more traffic to your website. Once you know which channels bring in the most traffic, you can adjust your strategy to hook even more visitors!

Dashboard statistics discovery

Tips for your strategy

You probably already promote your website with regular posts on social media. Now it’s time to test what works! Try certain posts over a set period of time (for example, special offers, testimonials from customers, or regular photos). Then check which are your top performers. Could you inspire more followers to visit your website? Keep it up!

You know the saying about not putting all your eggs into one basket? The same applies to your traffic sources. It’s always a good idea to tap into different platforms. If you already have a good following on social media, then advertising on Google could give you a traffic-boost without breaking the bank. Even if you’re not ready to advertise on Google, you can improve your ranking for free by spending a little time on your SEO.

Direct visitors are users who have typed your URL directly into their browser’s search bar. This can help you track how successful your latest print campaign has been. For example, if you handed out flyers at a local event, you’ll be able to tell how many people saw your URL on the leaflet and typed it right into their browser.


2) Exploration: Your visitor index

You can find your total number of website visitors under Exploration. But that’s not all, depending on the length of time you choose, you can also see how your visitor numbers have changed over time.


Dashboard Jimdo exploration

Tips for your strategy

Increasing the number of visitors is like a 100-meter sprint and marathon at the same time—in a good way! On the one hand, you can give your visitor numbers an instant boost with a paid advertising campaign. Whilst in the long term, continuously improving your website’s SEO to get more organic visitors from search engines.

Our tip: Try to combine short-term campaigns with long-term optimizations. Not only should you look for upward or downward trends in visitor numbers, but also remember to regularly check traffic sources like paid advertising and organic search to find out what strategies work best for your business.


3) Interaction: Your click-rates

As a website owner, you probably want your visitors to take an action e.g. click on a promotion, make an appointment via the call button, or send you a message.

Interactions show you how many times visitors have taken action on your website, over a certain period of time. This gives you an idea of how appealing and interesting your content is for visitors. The higher your interaction number, the better you’ve been able to reach your target group!

Not every website is designed to attract for as many interactions as possible. Think of a doctor’s website or an association, for example. So if you’re going to focus on interactions, make sure they’re relevant to your business goals.

Dashboard interaction

Tips for your strategy

The most important question is: what action do you want a visitor to take on your website? Try to define a clear goal. For example, as a restaurant owner, your aim could be to get people to book a table on your website.

Once you’ve identified your goal, here are a few ways to increase your interactions:




Your new statistic insights can do more than satisfy your curiosity, they’ll help you make your website even more successful! We’re curious to know what you think about this feature. Let us know in the comments.