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Do Even More With Your Blog!

New blog features


 If you’re a blogger, you know that the image you present to the outside world and what people see on your blog is super important.


Last month, we released new blog features to update the way you manage your posts. Today, we’re following up with even more tools to make blogging a breeze.


Check out our new added extras (and a summary of all the blog changes of the past few weeks at the end):

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New and Improved Blog Features!

New blog features


A fresh design and shiny new functions: say hello to the new blog on your Jimdo website. You can now customize your preview image and summary, add tags and customize your URL to improve your SEO, just to name a few highlights.


You may have already noticed changes to your blog in the past week but now we’ve added even more features—making it easier to create the perfect blog post!

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Small but Powerful—Notifications Are Here!


A new comment on the blog? Another order on your online shop? Thanks to the new notifications you’re always informed in real-time about any important notifications on your website. If you have JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness you will also find a new, easy-to-use and personal support area in the menu.


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Our Most Popular Posts of 2016

Jimdo's Best Blog Posts of 2016

We love the end of the year—not just because of the baked goods and long weekends, but because of all the montages, highlights, and best-of lists posted around the web. In that spirit, here's our own list of the 10 most popular posts of the year. Website hacks, design tips, and new features—these are the pieces that caught your eye in 2016. Any topics you'd like to see more of in 2017? Let us know in the comments. 

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Stay Secure with HTTPS on Your Website

Jimdo websites now have HTTPS protection

Jimdo now has an extra layer of security! In the upcoming weeks, we will enable free HTTPS encryption for your entire website. This technology makes sure the connection between your browser and website is secure, and protects your visitors’ information when they use your site.


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See What’s New on the Menu!

There’s a new look for Jimdo’s website editor. Log in to your website in the coming days, and you’re going to see a fresh coat of paint, some rearranged furniture...basically a Jimdo Makeover Edition.


We’ve rebuilt the Jimdo menu so you can work even faster and more productively on your website. The settings you use the most often are now easier to reach. Those things you don’t use so much are grouped together and moved out of your way. We’ve also updated our website editor with the latest technology, so that everything loads faster when you’re working on your website.  

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Newer, Better, Faster Mobile Features

Great news Jimdo users! We have revamped our Jimdo app and added some great new features you will love, based on all your feedback.


Ever wanted to keep track of your shop orders while you're out? Change your password on mobile? Or didn't think you had enough time to add a blog post on the run? Not any longer—we have made it faster and more user-friendly to use our mobile app for those spare ten minutes on the way to the office.

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5 Top Support Questions Answered

At Jimdo, our fantastic Support Team helps customers all over the world build beautiful websites—but no matter the country, some questions pop up again and again...


Though we always love to hear from you, we thought we could save you time by compiling the top 5 questions we receive at Support and our quick answers so you can get back outside to enjoy your summer in the sunshine.

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New Stockholm Template Makes Your Photos Look “Fantastiskt!”

Beautiful, welcoming, easy to navigate...these words describe the city of Stockholm, and our new Stockholm template too!


We hope you had a chance to check out our new, responsive template update last week. Now, we’re really happy to add another rocking responsive template to the mix—meet Stockholm.

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New Responsive Templates: A Beautiful Website on Every Device

How do you usually look at your website? From a laptop? A mobile phone? Or do you switch back-and-forth between the two? Now your website will look absolutely amazing on every device you use, because all of Jimdo’s templates are now responsive!

If you’ve ever spent time trying to navigate a website on a tiny screen, squinting and accidentally hitting the wrong buttons, then this update is for you...We’ve been rolling out responsive templates for a while now, but today we’re happy to share that every single Jimdo template is responsive, from Amsterdam to Zurich. Read on to see what this means for your own website—we think you’ll really like the change.

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