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New and Improved Blog Features!

New blog features


A fresh design and shiny new functions: say hello to the new blog on your Jimdo website. You can now customize your preview image and summary, add tags and customize your URL to improve your SEO, just to name a few highlights.


You may have already noticed changes to your blog in the past week but now we’ve added even more features—making it easier to create the perfect blog post!

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Small but Powerful—Notifications Are Here!


A new comment on the blog? Another order on your online shop? Thanks to the new notifications you’re always informed in real-time about any important notifications on your website. If you have JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness you will also find a new, easy-to-use and personal support area in the menu.


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"Everyone Can Do PR!": 5 Steps to Your Own Social Media Strategy

Convince the outside world—that’s the art of public relations. You don’t need an advertising agency or PR strategist to get started on an effective publicity strategy for your brand. So welcome to our new mini-series on the Jimdo blog: “Everyone can do PR!”

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Mobile Website Design Fails—And How to Avoid Them

 “Mobile first” is a common term thrown around by website experts but what does this really mean? Essentially, it’s when you design a website (or software) with the mobile experience as your primary consideration, rather than desktop. The amount of people browsing the web on their mobile has significantly increased over the past few years and is estimated to grow even further. Which is why a beautiful website on mobile is so important to attract potential visitors and minimize your bounce rate on mobile devices.

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Think Outside the Box! (Why You Shouldn't Read Articles Like This)


Hands up who just thought “what kind of a stupid title is that for a blogpost?” A blogpost about why you shouldn’t read articles like this (or entire books on these topics) at all? Well, i'm convinced of the truth of it and i'm willing to bet a few of you will nod your heads in agreement when reading this post.


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CTR & Bounce Rate: Improve Click Behavior in Google

CTR & Bounce Rate Improve Click Behavior in Google

If you followed the steps in my last post, search engines have indexed your site and people are now visiting you via Google. That’s great! The next question is, how do you make the most of this?


While you may want more visitors, you want the right visitors—people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer, and who will be happy to find your site.


That’s why in this post I’ll go over how to improve the way your web pages show up in search results, how to encourage more people to click on your pages, and how to make sure they are happy once they reach your site.

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...And Action! Project Planning Lessons from Film Production


 Making a commercial is a complex and rather expensive undertaking. This is why filming is planned very precisely, so the film is finished in time without breaking the budget. We asked the director of the new Jimdo TV commercial, David Aufdembrinke: What can you learn from making films that you can apply to your own projects? For example, building your own website?


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Have You Met Rupert?


All too often we’re very good at breaking off great ideas with self-doubt. Our colleague Svenja explains how to deal with your own doubts, in a more...creative way. She also runs her own successful DIY blog alongside her job at Jimdo.


Reading time: 5 Minutes

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Awesome Jimdo Websites Using the Stockholm Template

Awesome Jimdo websites using the Stockholm Template


What's beautiful, welcoming, and much easier to put together than an Ikea NORNÄS? (Not that we've had any trouble with that in the past..[crumples directions, shakes head...]) It's the Stockholm Template! 


In six short months, “Stockholm” has quickly become one of our most popular templates. Though it screams out to photographers, it’s equally useful for online stores and even cooking blogs. Check out these real Jimdo customers using the Stockholm template, and see why it has captured so many people’s hearts (and websites). 


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How to Use Visual Marketing to Boost Your Website Traffic

 There has been a sea change in how internet users consume their online data. As a consequence, marketers are regularly forced to keep up to date, and practically every expert worth their salt understands the importance of making online data more attractive. Readers are no longer happy to stay on a webpage and scroll through a giant wall of text with the occasional paragraph.

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How One Yoga Teacher Ditched Her 9-5 and Started Her Own Studio


 Could I be self-employed? Yoga teacher Jenny considered this for a long time. Doubting, calculating, hesitating. We always feel anxious before making big decisions we’re afraid to regret later. And so it was with her. Today, Jenny is her own boss. Her story is inspirational and her joy is simply contagious—so much so that you even feel like starting your own project. Jenny beams,"I thought to myself: Show the world what you can do". What are we waiting for?


Reading time: 4 Minutes

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22 Tips for Building a DIY Website

22 Tips to Help Build Your Own Website


What do the most successful DIY websites do that others don’t? Over ten years and millions of websites, we here at Jimdo have studied just that. Again and again, it's a few simple tactics that help make the most of your DIY website builder, no matter what your website is about.


Reading time: 3 Minutes

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Do Your Own Thing—The Key to Happiness?


What makes people happy? A gold watch? Big car? A million dollars in the bank? Maybe a million followers on Instagram? The Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi made a different discovery.


Reading time: 3 Minutes

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Quick and Easy Keyword Research Ideas


 When it comes to search engine optimization, perception is not reality. For example, many website owners think they have a better chance of understanding the complexities of quantum physics than SEO. In reality, there are several easy-to-comprehend tools and reference points that make learning SEO both quick and painless. If you can spare a few minutes, I’ll show you how to become fearless about keyword research—one of SEO’s most crucial processes.

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How to Do Keyword Research Using Keyword Planner

Keyword research planning


Keyword research is one of the most important components of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as any other online marketing initiative. Whether you’re a small business owner, a Fortune 500 company, or a new blogger, the time you spend developing a keyword strategy is critical to your success on the web. By narrowing down keywords that accurately describe your business or product, you'll help potential visitors find you online.

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