How to Install Free POWr Plugins on Your Website

If you’re using Jimdo, you already know that it’s one of the fastest, easiest site builders out there. With two dozen built-in elements like forms, videos, and galleries, you can get a Jimdo site up and running in minutes.

But if you’re stopping there, you’re not taking full advantage of what Jimdo has to offer. You can also add plugins from outside of Jimdo to do even more with your site.

Of course, there are thousands of plugins out there—some great, some not so great—and finding the right one can be tricky. At POWr, we’ve created a one-stop shop for every plugin you’ll ever need: galleries, forms, sliders, ecommerce tools, social media feeds, and more. POWr is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses, ecommerce sites, and web designers. And it’s free to use!

To show you what we mean, we’ve created a demo Jimdo site where you can try out, and even edit, six of our popular plugins. We also have tutorials to show you exactly how to set them up on your own Jimdo website.


What can POWr Plugins do?

First, a bit more about what makes POWr different: POWr currently produces 38 unique plugins, with new ones released all the time. It’s more like a personal app market, with dozens of plugins available in one place. Once you learn your way around one POWr Plugin, you’ll be able to use ‘em all.

Secondly, POWr Plugins are remarkably simple to edit. The POWr Editor lets you edit plugins right in your live web page, so you see exactly how the finished page will look. All POWr Plugins are mobile responsive on any device, with fully-customizable design and function. Best of all, POWr Plugins are 100% free to use, with additional features available to premium users.

Finally, as with anything in life, it’s good to have friends around. POWr offers a complete Knowledge Base full of tips and tutorials, backed up by a team of real live human beings who read every support ticket and typically respond the same day.

Click the demo links below to test drive plugins in a real Jimdo site. You’ll see a flashing gears icon, which will open the POWr Editor.



1. Plan Comparison

If you offer multiple products, plans, or packages to your users, a convenient comparison is a must. The POWr Plan Comparison lets you compare any number of packages side by side in structured columns. You can even showcase a specific plan with the built-in ‘highlight’ function.

POWr Plan Comparison Plugin
POWr’s Plan Comparison Plugin

Demo the POWr Plan Comparison!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.


2. Countdown Timer

Big things a-coming? Keep your visitors glued to their screens with a rolling countdown. As simple as it is popular, the POWr Countdown Timer lets you set a target time and date, then displays a custom countdown clock. It’s great for flash sales, events, and new releases.

POWr Countdown Timer
POWr’s Countdown Timer Plugin

Demo the POWr Countdown Timer!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.


3. Image Slider

An image slider is a great way to add life to your site, and POWr’s Image Slider allows you to display images anywhere you like. You can create your own sliding banners with text, titles, and buttons, or display videos straight from YouTube and Vimeo.

POWr Slider Plugin
POWr’s Image Slider Plugin

Demo the POWr Image Slider!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.


4. Social Feed

Want to show posts from different social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, on a single page? Now you can! The POWr Social Feed lets you combine and display content from multiple social platforms in a single snazzy gallery.

POWr Social Media Plugin
POWr’s Social Feed Plugin

Demo the POWr Social Feed!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.


5. Microblog

You know how Pinterest has that cool ‘stacked blocks’ layout? Have you ever wanted to create your own gallery like this, with images, videos, and text? The POWr Microblog is a fully responsive multimedia gallery that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. It’s perfect for articles, reviews, or product pages.

POWr Microblog Plugin
POWr’s Microblog Plugin

Demo the POWr Microblog!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.




Keeping your visitors and customers active and engaged is vital to managing a successful website or business. Why not let them talk to each other? POWr Comments lets you add an interactive comment section to any Jimdo page, where people can post, read, and respond to comments, all in a public forum.

POWr Comments Plugin
POWr’s Comments Plugin

Demo the POWr Comments!
Add it to your site with this easy tutorial.

Once you’ve had a chance to try out these POWr Plugins, take a minute to visit POWr’s full plugin library. Create a free POWr Account to get unlimited access to all POWr Plugins, with new ones released all the time. There’s a ton you can do with Jimdo and POWr, and we’d love to hear how you’re using these plugins to boost your site.

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