New Jimdo Photo Galleries for Beautiful Portfolios & Blogs

New Jimdo Photo Galleries

If you’ve worked on a photo gallery in the past few days, you may have noticed a few new features popping up. Well, the secret is out: our development team has been working behind the scenes to bring you three new Photo Gallery views that we think you’ll really love.If you’re a photographer, artist, blogger, or you need eye-catching ways to display your portfolio, these new features are for you:

If you’re a photographer, artist, blogger, or you need eye-catching ways to display your portfolio, these new features are for you:


1. New Horizontal View

Our new Horizontal view has a more modern, dynamic feel to it. All your photos will fit seamlessly together, and best of all they will appear in their original proportions—no more cropping into squares.

New Horizontal Photo Gallery
The new Horizontal view.

With the new Horizontal view, you can display your photos in three different sizes, and also select the spacing you want between them. The gallery will automatically adjust to make sure everything fits perfectly into your content area.

If you liked the original photo gallery grid, no worries. That option is still available as Grid in the Photo Gallery element and any existing photo galleries on your website will stay the same unless you choose to change them.



2. New Vertical View

The new Vertical view is another great option. In Vertical view, your photos will flow one on top of the other. You choose how many columns of photos you want displayed side by side, from one to six. Choose one column, and your photos will display across the full width of your content area—perfect for showing off large images. Choose more columns and your photos will display at smaller sizes, in columns side by side.

New Vertical Photo Gallery
In the Vertical view, images are aligned under each other. In this example, there are three columns.

Like in the other new gallery options, you can adjust the spacing between pictures, and the gallery will automatically adapt to make sure everything fits perfectly.

We especially like the Vertical view for blog posts that want to show off a lot of large photos. You can upload an entire grouping of photos quickly and easily into a Photo Gallery element, rather than having to add them one at a time.

We also heard that you wanted to be able to switch off the lightbox option (when people can click on your image to view it at a larger size), so we’ve made that possible too.


3. New Slider View

We’ve had a slideshow option in our photo galleries before, but not like this one. Our new Slider upgrade is faster, sleeker, and best of all, it no longer uses Flash.

Going forward, the Slider will be the default for all new slideshows. You can still use Flash for your existing slideshows, but we recommend switching to the Slider version—it will work on more devices, and make your images look even better.New Jimdo Image Slider



Photo Gallery FAQ

We hope you’re super-excited about these new Photo Gallery options, but we know you might have some questions about them, too:

1. What will happen to my existing photo galleries?

There’s no shame in being “square”: if you prefer our traditional square photo gallery layout, you can still use it. We’re giving it a new name, Grid, and you can select it from within the Photo Gallery element.

If you already have existing photo galleries on your website, they will stay in Grid view unless you choose to change them within the Photo Gallery element.

2. How do I activate the new photo gallery views?

Just click on your existing photo gallery, and select the view you want to try from the menu. It’s easy to switch back-and-forth to see what looks best on your site. To add a new Photo Gallery, click + Add Element and then select Photo Gallery from the Element menu.

3. What’s the best way to display a large, full-width photo gallery?

The width of your Photo Gallery will depend on the width of the content area of your template. If you’re looking for a template with a wide content area to show off a large gallery, try templates like Rio de Janeiro, Copenhagen, Zurich, or Shanghai.

Are you using the new gallery views on your own website? Share them with us in the comments!

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