Build Your Own Author's Website

Reflect Great Writing with a Great Author Website

Whether you are promoting an upcoming book, trying to attract the interest of a publisher, self publishing online texts or keeping fans up to date, it is important that your website reflects your style and gives insight into your writing. Jimdo is a great way to make a free website that can do just that. 

Put some punctuation into your web design!

You wouldn't write a long boring paragraph with no commas, adjectives or verbs! So why settle with a website that lacks in the structure you spend so long crafting in your writing? Allow your website to say something about the way you write in the same way you would a book cover. With Jimdo, you can easily design a structured author web site with simple navigation that contains all of the necessary information in a stylish template.

You cant judge a book by its cover - and you shouldn't judge an author by their website, but it certainly helps if it stands out on the shelf!

If your children's books feature monsters and dragons, why not include them in the background of your site - with colored and fancy fonts! If you are an author of serious crime novels, a dark background with bold text will illustrate your intensity. A few simple tricks will have your writing portfolio making a statement about you.

With Jimdo, it is as simple as signing up, then clicking to edit the content! It's the easiest free website builder in existence. Within a few hours, you can compile all of the information you would like to share into a complete writers website. Add password protected and hidden pages for works in progress, upload galleries of your covers, photos and illustrations in minutes, format your words in columns or with spacing to give structure to your homepage.

Jimdo is a free author website - or for a more professional tone, upgrade to our pro or business plan to have your own domain name and email as well as better templates and a number of great added features!  


When readers google your name, is it you that they find? Make it easier for readers to find you and your work with our integrated Search Engine Optimization. Your site and keywords will automatically be found by google because of the way the Jimdo websites are designed. With a bit of work and the right keywords, readers will not have to know exact book titles to find you online!


With an outstanding author website, visitors will enjoy browsing the site as they do a library. There are a number of fantastic elements that you can include to attract interest and have visitors not only coming back, but also suggesting your site to others.



What does my Authors' Website need?

Why not include a blog to update your readers about progress and upcoming publications, as well as snippets of your works to encourage them to read more.


Cut out a middle man and sell your work online. Add a store to your website to allow readers to buy directly from you! 


Include a gallery of your covers or of photography and images from your publications.

Add links to reviews, a CV and downloadable PDF's to impress potential publishers, or a mailing list to keep readers informed about publications, readings and other news.

A good authors' website will present your work to the world in a professional and intriguing manner. It doesn't have to be a great expense or hassle to build an online presence – with Jimdo, you can have a well designed site in an evening.

and increase your visibility.