Jimdo Spotlight: Alex Hetland

International swimmer Alex Hetland is training to make his debut at the 2012 London Olympics after retiring in 2009. Alex has taken a year off work to train full-time to be able to compete at the world's biggest swim meet. We asked Alex to share a bit about himself, what he is doing to prepare for the Olympics, and his Jimdo site.


What are you doing to prepare both physically and mentally for the upcoming London Olympics? What's the most challenging aspect?

I've been travelling much more this year and currently I'm training 7000 feet above sea level to reap the benefits of altitude training. There are many aspects that I'm focusing on: getting stronger in the weightroom, faster but also more endurance in the pool, becoming more flexible and perhaps most importantly perfecting my swimming stroke to be as fast and efficient as possible.


The mental aspect is simply staying focused when training over 30 hours per week and not letting the quality suffer under any circumstance. Being one of the biggest sports in the world, there is no easy way to make it to the top internationally... but when you do it's the greatest feeling in the world!


How has swimming helped shape who you are?

Swimming has definitely made me who I am today. My sport has provided me with scholarships to finish two university degrees, taken me to over 40 countries on all continents of the world, taught me about perseverance and the importance of hard consistent work over time and also given me confidence in my ability to perform under pressure. Also, I have met a tremendous amount of amazing people from all over the world through my sport.



In your latest blog post you talk about rewiring your brain to have a more positive outlook, can you share a bit more about your 21-day challenge?

I came over the 21-day challenge with relation to a business seminar speech about improving productivity in the work place, but immediately saw correlations to swimming and improving performance. The challenge is very simple and by following a few easy steps (like writing down a positive experience every day) one can actually rewire the brain to become more positive. This is important because it is the way we view the world and our ability to cope with problems/see obstacles as challenges that actually shapes our reality.


Why do you have a Jimdo website?

I made my site to share part of my journey towards the Olympics. I wanted a page that could incorporate my blog and also give me a better online presence that I could control myself.


What do you like the most about Jimdo?

It takes me 2 minutes to make any update to my site. Also the SEO tools have been great putting me #1 on Google.


How did you find out about our website builder?

I just did some online research. I wanted a platform that gave me flexibility but did not require me to do a lot of coding. Jimdo fit the bill perfectly and it was also very reasonable and had great designed templates.


Check out Alex's site and tune in to watch him at the London Olympics!

Ana R. Alvarado

Public Relations

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    To Sir Alez Hetland, Congratulation in advance. Win or lose you are our Champion together with the jimdo users. Good Luck. Break a Leg!!

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    All the best Alex... You make us all very proud..!

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    Alex Im a former swimmer & I love the sport but now I live in spain & I enjoy sports like the pamplona running of the bulls so much that I made my own site:

    Have a great Olympics 2012