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Have you ever wanted to share your ideas and thoughts in your own blog, or post your photos online for friends and family to see? Then you've come to the right place: you can sign up for your own personal website at no cost. Read on, and we'll tell you how.


When thinking of making a free personal website, you probably already have a specific topic in mind. Something you want to share with the world, something you just want to get off your chest, or maybe simply a special event you want to remember.


By adding photos, videos, music, and more to your personal website, you can customize it and make it truly yours. Jimdo has the easiest free website builder in the world. 

Your personal website—choose a topic that moves you

Create a free photographer website



Upload your photos and share them with others, or even sell them in your online store. Make a photographer website.

Create an online resume



What better way to present yourself and your skills than with a free online resume

Create a wedding website



Celebrate your special moment with photos and a guestbook to keep memories alive. Make a wedding website.



Share your precious first moments with distant relatives and friends around the world. You can even protect your free baby website with a password.

Add a domain name that stands out

Your own domain name


Making a personal website with Jimdo is free forever—assuming you keep the "" subdomain. If you want your new personal website to be easy to remember and easy for people to find, you might consider adding a custom domain name. Learn more.


Whether you choose to add a custom domain or stick with a free website, Jimdo offers comprehensive help on setting up and customizing your personal website.